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A boy spends his whole life alone and he can't take it. He feels he has one option. It's not a good option but he believes he doesn't matter.

Submitted: August 07, 2013

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Submitted: August 07, 2013



We look upon a boy. He never had a friend in his whole life. Everyone assumed he was crazy. Instead of helping him they ripped him apart. Some kids even screamed "Go kill yourself already!" He wanted to so badly. His parents were in denial. They refused to see there was anything wrong with him. To them he was a perfect, happy boy. He had so many friends, his parents just never got to see them.

One very long night on his 14th birthday he decided to throw himself a party. There was one small problem. No one showed up. At this point he became very depressed. So he went to his dads tool shed. He grabbed a thick peice if rope. What did he do with this rope you ask? Well he got on a chair, he tied one end of the rope to a beam on the ceiling and the other half around his neck. He then kicked the chair from underneath him. He then regretted it. He saw his parents there smiles he wished he could have stopped himself, but it was to late.

The next morning his dad walked into the garage expecting to only see his car. Instead he saw his dead son hanging from a shelf with a note tapped to his leg. His dad realised everything at than moment. What his son was going through. At this point he fell to his knees crying. His only son, dead. From what I understand they never read the note. I also know that his parents got a divorce shortly after. They tried to remember the happy times. This is how they realised there never where any. The kids at school where effected to. They knew it was their fault he was dead. Denial came in again. Everyone slowly moved on. This is until the new emerged that both of his parents killed themselves.

You see, my point in telling you this story is not that it's okay to commit suicide. It's that suicide doesn't solve anything. If anything it can make things worse.

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