reign of death

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

As a kid, Katrina Johnson was a witch. That is, until a demon attacks her during a spell. Now this demon is following her, waiting to feast.

“Blackjack again?” said an excitedly shocked Marie, mother of Katrina Johnson. “How do you do it?”

“You know, counting cards.” Responded Katrina happily.

“Okay hon, I think it’s time for you to go to bed. Goodnight.”

“All right Mama, good night.”

When Katrina entered her room, she got ready for bed then kneeled on the floor and started spreading her hands in a circular, hovering motion.

“Cui diaboli santificavit et vita et lux in tenebris noctis tenebris vos considere.”

As she prayed fire started coming up out of the floor as if she was casting a spell. She repeated the prayer for a half an hour. When she had finished her chanting and praying, there was a fire glowing circle around her. There were sections in the circle with runic symbols in each one.

“Satan of the night, come to me and give me thy power.” Katrina chanted. When she said this she fell into a trance and started to speak in tongues.

“Ama nagana oklas nantos.” She shouted as if in worship. When her mom heard this, she ran in to find that Katrina’s desk and chairs were flying around.

“Katrina! Katrina! What the hell are you doing?”

There was a noise that kept getting louder the more Marie yelled to her daughter.

“Katrina! Honey! Please snap out of it!” Marie shouted. Katrina’s head spun around 180 degrees and faced her grief stricken mother.

 “Ante Diaboli!” she shouted and her eyes flipped to the inside of her head. Then she lunged at her mother.


Katrina woke up.

“I can’t keep having this nightmare.” She thought.

Katrina got ready for work at Dunkin Donuts.

“Another late night eh?” joked Katrina’s boss, Bob.

“Same dream.” She responded tiredly.

“Go; take the day off to get some help. I know this great th…”

“I don’t need no damn therapist!”

“I won’t let you work until you do.” Bob said strictly. “You never have the energy to work anymore and I don’t want to let you go but I will if I have to. Go get help, Kat, and I’ll give you the nightshift. Okay?”

“Fine.” Katrina moped out of the room and went to the therapist that Bob suggested. When she returned home at midnight, she fell onto her bed and fell straight asleep.

The next day Katrina got ready for her scheduled appointment with her new therapist at 5 o’clock at night.

“Hello, Ms. Katrina Johnson, how are you today?

“I had the same dream that I talked to you about yesterday.”

“Have you ever tried using self-inception?

“What the hell is that?” Katrina asked skeptically.

“15 minutes before bed sit up and for 10 minutes think about the problem then the last 5 minutes push it out of your mind. It’s a psychology trick.”

“Will it work?” asked Katrina hopefully.

“It’s been scientifically proven.” Responded the shrink proudly.

When Katrina arrived home at 8 o’clock she got ready for bed. She tried the trick, and went to sleep hoping this would fix the issue. In the middle of the night Katrina woke up screaming. Instead of the dream going away, as the therapist said, it came back even harder and more violent.

When she woke up Katrina felt something wet under her sheets. What she found she could comprehend at all. She found in her legs 6-6-6 etched in with what looked like a knife.

“Holy shit!” Katrina screamed. She called 9-1-1 and limped out of her house to meet the ambulance. But, when a vehicle came it was not the ambulance, but an insanity truck.

“Considering your circumstances you are mandated to an asylum for 2 days.” Said the judge.

“I swear! I swear I’m not crazy!” shouted the tear stricken Katrina, fighting the grip of officers holding her back. A doctor behind her stepped up and injected a mild dose of tranquilizing serum into her and she fell straight down.

When Katrina awoke she found herself in a padded cell.

“Get me out of here!” she screamed even though she knew no one could hear her. She screamed over and over until she cried herself to sleep.

“She’s in here.” Katrina’s eyes shot open. Then she saw her therapist.

“If you give her to me I’m positive I can fix her.

“C’mon lady, get out.” Said the officer throwing Katrina out of the cell and onto the floor.

“Why am I getting out?” asked Katrina skeptically.

“I’m signing you out. Now enough chit chat and let’s go.”

As they walked out of the asylum Katrina told him what had happened that night.

“Let me see it.” The therapist said beckoning to her leg. But as Katrina lifted up her pant leg the cut started to disappear.

“Well, where is it?”

“It was just here, I swear. Even the asylum doctors saw it.”

“And so it just disappeared?”

“I don’t know but I’m not crazy, I swear! Katrina said shocked that it just disappeared, knowing it could not have healed that fast.

“It’s not that I think you’re crazy, but going off pure facts there are no cuts on your leg so according to state requirements that is insanity.”

“Where the hell are all these damned requirements? I don’t care about any requirements! I know damn well that I’m not insane; I don’t care what the state says!” screamed Katrina.

“Sorry k-“

“Oh shut up! If you aren’t gonna believe me then just forget about it and leave my face!”

“C’mon, Kat.”

“Leave.” Katrina whispered through her teeth.

As he walked away, Katrina sat on a ledge outside the asylum. As long as he was away, her dreams started to increase and get more powerful each night. She started waking up in the middle of the night screaming again, and then crying herself to sleep again.

 After two weeks, when the nightmare was strongest she decided to go back to the therapist. When she arrived at the office (also shared by a mill factory) she could not believe what she was looking at. Her therapist was lying on the floor, signs all cut into his body and face. He was dead. After Katrina got over the sight she looked around the room. The whole place was ransacked. It looked as though someone was looking for something. She walked over to the open, tipped filing cabinet. Her therapy reports were gone. Katrina, unsettled, turned to leave the room but something blocked her way. Her therapist stood in front of her, His right eye socket spurting blood. His face, partially decayed, was green. His body looked like he had risen from a grave.

“Holy-“Katrina started.

The therapist swung his razor nails at her face, but she ducked back down and they lodged into the cabinet. She grabbed his cut, bloody leg and pulled. When he fell to the ground his head clean went through a pole jutting out of the floor. Blood squirted into Katrina’s face. Katrina ran out of the room when the therapist got back up and swung at her. When she left the room all the doors slammed shut, but that didn’t stop her. She jumped at the door with such intensity that she broke her right shoulder.

“Stay away!” Katrina screamed as she lay on the ground in agony. The therapist jumped at her so fast that she had no time to react, and they both smashed through 3 sets of doors. When they landed Katrina tripped and her legs got trapped in a mill grinder.

“Get me out of here!” Katrina screamed as the grinder pulled her into its clutches. As she was struggling the therapist glided over to her. His head was dangling by a thin piece of neck skin. Blood spurted from the middle of his neck like a thick red water fountain.

“Ahhhh!” Katrina screamed. Some of the blood spurting out fell into her mouth. As she choked, Katrina’s legs dropped further into the grinder, and more blood spurted out. After she spit the blood out, she pulled just hard enough to get out of the grinder. She used her arms to drag herself towards the door. She was just about to reach it when her therapist grabbed her shirt.

“Get off of me!” she screamed finding enough energy to push him into the grinder. As he chopped up in the grinder, Katrina flinched at the bone crushing sound, and watched as blood hopped out as if they were flying fish jumping in and out of the water. As she watched she reflected on the last few minutes. She managed to drag herself out of the building and towards the hospital. When she reached the highway a car picked her up.

“Dr. Evans, hurry up. We have a girl here! Both of her legs are practically flattened! We need a surgeon and a rehab center called now!”

Once Katrina’s surgery was over she fell asleep at 8 o’clock at night. In the middle of the night she woke up to a cold breeze. The window was locked and closed but the room was still freezing.

“Hello?” Katrina called cautiously. “Anyone there?” she called again. Suddenly two red lights blinked as if they were eyes. Then she realized they were eyes.

“It’s you!” Before Katrina could scream the figure jumped at her. The creature stretched out its extremely long claws and swiped the skin off her face. She fell silent while blood trickled down her face muscle. Thinking she was dead, the creature flew into the night.

Two weeks later, Katrina awoke from her coma. Her face was scabbed to the point where it looked burned. It was brown and black with bumps all over her face.

“Where am I?” she asked.

“You’re in intensive care hon. Don’t worry we’regetting you a reconstructive surgeon in a few hours. You should be good as new in a few days.

“Can I see myself in a mirror please?”

“Sure honey. Here ya go.” Responded the surgeon. When Katrina looked into the handheld mirror a black cloaked figure with bright red eyes looked straight back at her.

“Ahhhhh!” screamed Katrina. She dragged herself off the bed and dragged herself out of that damned hospital.





Submitted: April 25, 2012

© Copyright 2022 georgefischer. All rights reserved.

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