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- Just a quick message, if you are reading this I must warn you that it is a very raw idea that I've 'scribbled' down while extremely tired in a very short amount of time. I can't explain this idea, it makes sense to me but I don't believe I've got it down just how I wanted to in this. So read it, see what you think and let me know. I hope to develop this idea in the future, just remember, very raw idea! -

Submitted: October 09, 2012

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Submitted: October 09, 2012




...  Before I tell you the events of the evening, let me give you the background story of the person in question. Craig. 

Craig is an average seventeen year old teenager. There is nothing unusual about him at all. He's a kind lad. Craig has a good heart and a personality that reflects that. Always caring about anybody he may come across because he knows what it feels like to be alone. However, he feels - personally - that he isn't the kind of lad that girls would take a second glance at because he believes he isn't a "looker" , he's nothing special. 

He likes to socialise with his friends, have a drink now and then. Loves to chill out to his music, game here and there, watch films and have the occasional light read. Craig is currently attending college studying Drama, English and Art - these give him a chance to be creative, a chance that he always loves to jump at. 

Now, I won't bore you any more about the crappy details, I'll skip right to the point, a pinical in his life - to him anyway.

For a few years now, he's had a growing crush on a girl, slowly, but it's surely there. It gets to the point where he has the chance to chase her and so he does. He doesn't just chase like so lap dog. He fights. Fights like a fighter would. He has the stamina. The mental ability. The brain and most importantely the heart.

He doesn't give up. Ever.

Craig has put himself through too much with this girl and caused himself more pain than it is worth. He chases and fights, day and night but yet, she never falls for him as he did for her. She doesn't love him as he loves her. 

Then, on one faithful night, opportunities arise, not one that he can grab. This opportunity... he is placed into and he has no idea why... or any idea that anything is different. Here's the story...


It's early evening, around six o'clock. Craig has made his way upto his college because tonight he is going to see a production. The production and events up until and during this are not important, what happens after is what we are focusing on.

Never the less, the evening goes on, he has a great time watching the production, getting some ideas, seeing friends and oggeling girls who only can dream of being with... let alone having a chance with. 

Again, the evening is good. He's had a good evening. Now, on the way back, he's about to be put into a situation... into a life that he always wanted.


The coach is at a steady pace down the motorway - doing around 60mph - everyone is fine, there is nothing to worry about.

The coach is still full of life, even at the light hour they are travelling back at. People at singing, gossip is being passed, people are slowly drifting off - too tired after the long day they've had and drifting into a world where they can fly free. 

Craig is in a world of his own, surrounded by the muffled sounds of chatter and life. 

At this moment, not suddenly at all but in slow motion, like he was meant to see this second for second, the bus loses control. The driver has lost all control despite his frantic fight with the steering while that is as unresponsive as the fear frozen people with the coach that are being thrown from side to side without any acknowledgement at all.

Craig is there. Mouth open. Looking around in slow motion. Wanting to be a hero but knowing nothing can be done. 

His eyes slowly scan the human statues around him. Passing from one to another. From old friends to new friends. From old loves to current crushes. To enemes, to teachers, to everyone. At this moment in time, they are one person. 

The fate they are destined for is sealed and Craig knows this instantly. The horror of what is happening is unusual. Craig can't hear anything. Nor can he feel anything. It's just happening and all he feels he can do is watch, wait... wait... wait, until, it happens.

An out of body reaction begins to move him. He's moving himself from his seat, diving to one girl. Not the one he chased but a girl he wished to love. A girl he wished... a girl, he wished. He dives in front of her to protect her from injury, knowing that he was surly not to survive and knowing that he was a sacrafice of love. Suddenly in a moment he would have wanted any of time, at any of place, anywhere but there, this slow moment - time stopping event stops. Time resumes and the horror is present. Looking into this girls eyes. The shock she has as she knows whats about to happen and knows what he's risking. 

A picturesque moment, a moment made for the movies... it's about to happen, just goes in for an embrace, one with the lips, a moment so powerful and strong - it can only give realisation through this sickening moment but, it's too late.

It bus collids with the pillar of the bridge. The metal bends and tears and breaks as if fragile as paper. Bodies are thrown around like dolls but this is no childlike experience, there is blood and disturbing scenes... it's hell. Hell within an accident. It's, it's a nightmare that no one will ever wake up from. Tears fill Craigs eyes... but then, it's over.




Craig opens his eyes. He'd drifted off on the bus. His chest hurt but he figured it was just stress related, he'd been experiencing it for a couple of weeks since starting college and his job. He streches, looks around at the people around home. Turns back to check his phone with a sigh. Seeing a girl he wishes he could prove he was worthy for... Trying to move himself on from this other girl.

As he sat there, in this little world of his own he started to think about moments. About parallel worlds, about how when you have a 'lucky' miss or escape... in another world, you may not have done - he's snapped out of this state when they pass the pillar of a bridge at high speed and he imagines what it'd be like, if there had been an accident... what would have happened.


Suddenly his head hurts. Dropping his head to his hands, pulling at this hair... a distance echoe of hospital equipment is heard, murmured voices and screams. Beeping. Heartbeat monitors. 

He lifts his head from his hands... confused. Craig blinks - but, he can't open them again. Pain over takes his body and he wants to let out a scream.

Again, he's back on the bus... an accident has occured. Confusion starts to over take him, with panic and fear for what is happening. 

Again, he opens his eyes and he's just on the bus with people laughing and chatting and basically, living.


What was happening?


Craig had very little knowledge of what was happening. 

His belief in parallel worlds was an explanation. One of which was not yet clear to him, one which had not occured to him yet. He was a mess.

In all honesty, there is no explanation or description for what was happening to Craig.

But we can say, I can say - Craig was swapping between 'worlds' or 'universes' ... between 'moments' - the could haves, the would haves, the maybes... 

He kept swapping between moments.

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