My Own Hell I Shall Escape

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I could feel the agonizing crunch as my wrist was broken. I felt tears sting my eyes and yet another punch in my face. I couldn't move under him. I knew in that moment I was in hell and stopped begging for God's assistance.

Submitted: July 23, 2015

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Submitted: July 23, 2015



  "Ferah!" I heard someone say behind me.

  I whirled around to see Laurie my red headed crazy best friend with the overly optimistic view on the world.She had a spunky side to her that made even those who were horribly shy come out of their shells. She had an impecable aura and it was beautiful I often wished I could live up to her energetic and loving self but sadly I was the pessimistic realist.

  'Hey Laurie.' I said with a fake yet believable smile.

  "What are you doing tonight." she asked with a tilt of her head and a mischevious little grin.

  "I have something to do." I lied grabbing a textbook from the bottom of my disarray of a locker.

  "Ugh Ferah you always have something to do." she pouted." I swear I am going to demote you to best friend instead of sister."

  I laughed at this and gave her a hug "Oh Laurie you know I am too wickedly awesome for you to do that."

  She pretended to contemplate this with a hand on her hip and her right index finger on her chin. She hummed for a minute before smiling at me.

  'You are forgiven you cocky bitch." She replied ruffling my short boy length ebony hair.

I nodded at her and began to walk to my next class breathing in a sigh of relief I hadn't realized I was holding. She was not the most observant and I was eternally grateful for that. Otherwise she would have noticed the bruises on my left arm that I succesfully covered with make-up my mother had in her drawer.

  My father didnt throw anything of hers away last year after the car accident. He was still in the state of mind that she would wake up and everything would go back to normal. He refused to pull the plug and he faithfully stayed by her side whenever he wasnt working/ Jaime and I were always at our uncles house until he returned at whatever time of the day to bring us with him which was usually not until sometime after nine pm. Sometimes not at all. I think he just didnt want us to see her in that way and I didn't blame him.

As the last bell rang I received a text from Jaime that she wasnt going to be coming home until like eight or so because she was going to cover a couple hours at her friends parents coffeee shop and a tight knot formed in the pit of my stomache.

I was going to be alone with him. God no please. My head began to spin as I made my way to his old black station wagon.

He opened the passenger door for me and motioned for me to get it.

  I sat down terrified but holding up the act for my own benefit. I didnt look at him when he asked where Jaime was but murmured my response and kept shut until we reached the house where my uncle greeted me with a hug and kiss while he stood to the side waititng for my uncle and I to go our separate ways knowing that he would leave soon to grocery shop and check on my father. Sure enough as soon as the sound of my uncles car was out of earshot he had me pinned to the floor.

  He was smiling grinning as I begged for him to stop. His sick pleasures being contented.

  When he finished I laid there for a moment unable to move just letting him go and walk away into another room as he did usually but he just sat there.

  I begged god to please let him leave but he stared at me as if I did something wrong and he sneered at me. You are so ugly he said slapping the side of my face.

  I groaned in pain and began to sit up when I felt another slap sting my cheek and I let the only emotion that barely came to the surface over flow. Hot and uncontrollable rage. I grabbed the first thing that was next to me which was one of those long white multi outlet extension cord and began to hit him with it but I wasnt strong enough. I felt the most horrible helplessness I had ever felt. I felt my whole world just crack and shudder as it fell apart. Everyone of his punches gradually began to dull until I just couldn't feel it any more. Dissastified at my lack of reaction he grabbed my wrist and forcefully pushed it back.I could feel the agonizing crunch as my wrist was broken. I felt the tears sting my eyes once more and yet another punch in my face. I knew in that moment I was in hell and stopped begging for God's assistance.

  Neither of us could hear the door opening behind us but I saw a flash and looked across the room to see Jaime and him entertwined. The shock on the others face at being caught stopped him cold as my sister hadthe pistol that our father gave her in case of an emergency to his head.

  'How fucking dare you. Shes your girlfriend you son of a bitch! ' she snarled her hand was visibly twitching on the trigger and I could see the inner struggle that she was going through even though my eyes were almost bloodshot.

 He didnt answer he just pushed her and the gun slipped onto the ground and I saw him grab it so quickly that I had barely any time to register as he had it pointed at my sister who was strangly calm at this point giving him a glare with such hatred that it was hard to keep staring at her.

He pulled the trigger aiming right for her face.

I screamed.

He turned to me and shot. I was frozen unable to move if I tried and he pulled the trigger.

He didnt even look to see that my sister was unharmed. I broke out of my haze and slammed into him grabbing the gun from his hand and slammed the barrel against his head hearing an audibly crack that I no doubt left in his skull. He groaned and I slammed my ffoot into his crotch area watching him fall to the ground.

I went to my sister who was on the phone with the police.

Its over she said pulling me into a hug. I shook my head.

'Only the worst is over.'' I murmured

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