Goin into space, for ispellgoodly

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Submitted: August 04, 2011

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Submitted: August 04, 2011



Age 10:

Mumma sayed I would nawt git far een life. I wundered why this wuz. She sayed it wuz cuz I cud nawt spell gudly, but I thawt I culd spell very gudly. I’m nawt stoopid, nevar been stoopid. Just a leetle slower than the uther kids. I can reed, and I can rite, that meens I’m not stoopid. I can play baseball tew, I play baseball reel gudly. I think that sumday I could even play baseball in the Mayjer Leeage. I may nawt be no genie-us, but at least I am not stoopid. I am gunna set owt to pruve mumma ronge.

Age 14:

I have attendeyed my furst day of high skool tuday. Mumma sayes that I cannot pass high skool. I will prove mumma wrong. As you can see, my spealling has gawten much better. There is a nice ladey at skool who is tewtering me after skool time is over. I am learning a grate deal of things about the werld I live in. The world is really cool and I lyke it a lawt. I want to see the werld from spayce some day. I think it would be cool to be in spayce, I hear you can not breethe in spayce. I wonder if that is tru.

Age 17:
Mrs. O’Leary, the nice lady at the high school, just told me that I was able to pass all of my classes with a C+ average. I think that this meens I can now go on to college. I think I am goin to go to a state college here in Texas. I think that that wuld be a reeeely good idea. Maybe someday I can go into space. I still want to see the world from space some day.

Age 21:
I just graduated from University, and I now have my degree in General Studies. I may not ever go into space, and I may never be an astronaut like I wanted to when I was little, but I think I’ve gotten further in life than that anyhow. I learned, and got smart, thanks to Mrs. O’Leary. And most of all, I proved to my mamma that I can spell goodly.

P.S.: I can just buy me a telescope.

For ispellgoodly.

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