"Hey lady! Gotta problem with size 14"

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An essay about why people are obsessed with size zero and are dead against size 14. A humorous way of making people understand the concept of "Big is Beautiful"?

Submitted: September 10, 2010

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Submitted: September 10, 2010



Just recently, I saw that chick-flick "Bride Wars" starring Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson. Even though the film was quite fun and the movie had me shouting to Anne to kick her co-star's butt, there was but only one thing which I didn't like and haven't gotten over with: Kate Hudson's skinny profile.

For those of who didn't get what I wrote let me give you a case-in-point about her. When I first saw her in the movie "Raising Helen" she pretty much impressed me a lot not just because of her acting (which was somehow, A-class than BW) but her appearance. She was chubby and full-figured of course but if you just watched the film a bit and compare it with BW, she was not only beautiful but so mature and smart that she not only gave me the impression that she was a good mother but that I liked her that way. I mean the movie was about Helen's raising of her sister's children and if you think of it that way, Kate Hudson was incredible and had me wishing that I wanted to be her, physically of course.

But then the nightmare came into my life when I sawher in thecover of Vogue magazine and there she was, showing her now-skinny avatar and size-zero body. She looked horrible to say theleast but upset me about her (I was 11 at that time) was that she had to listen to those fools of the media and the suggestion of that over-smart snotty editor Anna Wintour, to lose thse pounds and look like a skeleton.Although you might say that Kate never lookedany better, onthe contrary I couldn't help thinking that she looked her worst. She looked unnatural to say the least and even in BW, though she acted well and all, physically Anne was more natural and convincing as a hopeful and eager bride-to-be. And I had 2 things in my mind since then, how prettier she would look without her size zero body and how could thes media and press barons got her to start crash-dieting.

These days looking thin is now not just fashionable, but a crazed obsession. Gone are the days when a full woman could bring a man down her knees with her cleavage and full size. Even after the Second World War, size 14 aws still in, although many people looked far from healthy that time. And even then actresses like Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Bridgette Bardot would wow us with theircurvaceous bods and lovely big legs. And who didn't want that much-envied big bust which they would show without any impunity and regardless of critics who would enlighten them on the marvels of flat chests and and the willowy thin look. Now we will have to come to the brass tacks of today's rage of looking and being 'size zero'.

Even an ounce of flesh is like an unwanted nightmare to today's average aspiring teenage girl. To look thin and sleek like those models showcasing Karl Lagerfeld's or Versace's designs is our idea of being fashionable. And we girls would be on a major adrenaline rush if we can't find size-zero in stores andboutiques. Even with worn-out outfits, we would alter them from well-fitted size ten to skin-tight size two till we get choked in them.Not to mention all those crash diets and skipped meals just to avoid the three-letter F-word which is as insulting as the four-letter one. When we do lose some weight, we don't even take no more than a glance that we we would scream in agony and start starving ourselves until we achieve the thin (read: skeleton) look that we so unabashedly covet.

While we hear every fashion critic, designer, and editor rave reviews about it, if you want my candid opinion, that's a whole smelly and disgusting pile of utter shit.

And, say what you like, I mean it.

Girls, what would happen if we buy a size of a dress that is ten or nine, if not fourteen. Why should we give up our healthy and active bodies for something that is impossible to achieve. I mean, there is no harm in looking or being thin for it has many advantages that help us a long way but to look skinny and anorexic is another thing. Fine, I agree that we do not have the the physique and body profile like say, Heidi Klum or Barbie, but why should something like that kill us.

And what the hell is the point of telling every single female in the planet that they look as fat and pudgy like a cow or worse, like a pig? Is it your business that you have to make fellow women feel bad about themselves just because we can't help having some flesh lingering around our body or what? Are we commiting a crime if we buy a size that is big even if it FITS us?! I can't tell you the agonies I had during my Thanksgiving shopping when many shoppers and saleswomen would oggle at me getting my clothes taylor-made. They might be a bit roomy but htey fit and the most important thing is that I FEEL and LOOK comfortable which is next to looking and feeling thin.

Do me a favour and do some serious thinking about this issue. I mean, instead of starving ourselves to death like convicts by eating little or less to nothing,why can't weacceptthe factand be happy by what you have. And while you think that all those ramp models are wonderful in size zero, how would they FEEL about it, huh? And I don't know about you girls out there or anyone who is reading this, but I would just looove being full and curvy and be gifted with a big bust. And if you don't know what am I talking about, then watch either movies of Kate Hudson, Liz Taylor or Monroe.

It comes down to this, relax and be thankful that you have bodies that not only work but makeyou feel like yourself, so if you ask me, next time when you are shopping and if you find an outfit that is larger than size 0 or 2 and some sharp-eyed chick is throwing hate-bombs at your direction for doing so, then answer back and consider yourselves even. It might have been worse if you hadn't acted, don't you think?

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