The Ghost that visited Dan smith

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Dan Smith, a game-geek gets visited by a ghost.

The Ghost That Visited Dan Smith

13 year old Dan Smith sat facing an enormous pile of books on his study table. It was six in the evening and Dan’s parents, along with his younger brother Jimmy, were away visiting the house of his father’s friend .Dan, however had a big Maths test the following day and that had spared him from accompanying them.

But Dan wasn’t really studying. His mind was in the cool new ‘Zombie Shooting’ game that he had only yesterday downloaded onto his game console and which had more realistic and spectacular graphics than any other. Today, he had played it a dozen times over already, but hadn’t quite managed to get past the second level. The Zombies always got him just before he reached the door to the third level.

Oh! How he craved for that game!

And he had that stupid damnable Math test! His awfully strict mother had threatened him she’d dump his game console in the garbage bin, if he didn’t pass in the test. So, the only thing he could do was study.

Hating himself for doing so, Dan sluggishly picked up his Maths notebook and opened it.

He gulped nervously.

The problems in the book seemed to be throwing rotten tomatoes at him. Instinctively, Dan ducked and closed the book, his heart pounding at his throat. He knew he was doomed to fail.

Just then, the lights went out.

“Oh, damn it!” he thought with a shudder.

Dan, a staunch believer in the supernatural, had always been rather uncomfortable with the dark. And his taste for horror fiction had always had a handsome amount to contribute to it.

The moonlight creeping through the window panes only added to the eeriness of the situation. Feeling goose bumps all over his body, Dan closed his eyes and waited for the lights to come back.

And waited, and waited...

Tick tok, tick tok, tick tok...

It was the clock in his room. O man, O man! The clock had never sounded louder!

For the next fifteen minutes or so, Dan remained absolutely still, not daring to twitch a muscle. He was getting all sweaty. What were those electricity people doing? Why was it taking so long for the lights to return?

And then he heard something.

“Wooooooo...” it seemed to sound.

Dan shivered. The last time his mother’s brother, Uncle Sam, had sworn to him of seeing a werewolf near his farmhouse in Teakynia while out on a leisure walk.

Could Uncle Sam be true? ... Although everyone knew there was nobody more superstitious than him? ... And could this sound be of a...?

“No! No!” he told himself, “I’m just imagining stuff. It’s all in my mind!”

Then he felt the worst.

He felt a touch... on his shoulder!

Time appeared to have frozen; he froze himself too.

Something was definitely not quite right. Something...

Suddenly there was a sound behind him, more of like someone’s voice. It triggered Dan into motion.

“AAARRRGHHH!!!!!!” He screamed, springing from the chair at the same time; Dan turned around, and with the feeble moonlight’s help he could see an obscure silhouette of some sort of creature.

Perhaps, not quite a living creature...


The adrenaline rushing in his veins, he picked up his books and threw it at the--- Whatever-it-was.

It squealed and Dan had a momentary idea it was actually trying to speak out some kind of words.

Dan picked up another couple of books and threw them blindly at his terroriser.

“Here take these! And leave me!” He shouted in despair, “Please!”

“OUCH! PEA-BRAINS! STOP IT!” A voice came.

Dan stopped as he was about to pick more books, befuddled.


“You idiot,” said Jimmy’s voice, “Man you’re going nuts these days; can’t you even recognise your own brother?”

“What?” Dan said again, “Jimmy, that you?”

It was getting awkward now.

“‘Course it’s me!” said Jimmy, hot and fierce.

“But what are you doing in my room?” Dan tried to argue.

“Just trying to scare the soul outta you and I apparently succeeded.”

“And— and hey, didn’t you go with Mum and Dad?”

“Yeah, yeah,” Jimmy said, “Stay in your video game dreamlands and you’ll know everything ‘bout the world. I was ‘bout to go with them but then I remembered I had a test as well. You never know nothing ‘bout what’s going in the house ‘cause your eyes are always fixed at the game screen.”

“O man!” Dan groaned, feeling more stupid than he had ever in life.

The End

Submitted: December 16, 2012

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