Peacock and Toad

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A humorous look at what to do when you don't know what to do.

Submitted: February 06, 2008

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Submitted: February 06, 2008



Two of God’s creatures walked down a road...
One was a peacock, the other a toad.
The peacock thought toad was vulgar and crude
While toad saw the peacock as prideful and rude.
They spoke very little because both understood
That the other was worthless, vile and no good.
In silence they traveled, not friendly at all
‘Til they came to a sign that made both of them stall.
The sign said “Repent, for this path soon will end.”
Now both creatures felt like they needed a friend.
“What does this mean?” the peacock asked toad.
“I haven’t a clue... it’s a sign in the road.”
“Do you think up ahead there’s a danger we’ll face?”
“Perhaps.” said the toad, “Let’s leave with great haste.”
But the peacock was puzzled by the sign’s word “Repent”...
What could it mean? The word made no sense!
So Peacock spoke out what fuzzied his mind...
“What is ‘repent’? Is it something you find?”
“It’s not found” Toad said, “it’s something you do,
But it wouldn’t be done by a peacock like you.”

The peacock, offended, stayed silent awhile
But then came a chuckle and a quick little smile.
“Do you think it could be” he asked of the toad,
“Do you think it could be we are on the wrong road?”
Toad stopped his hopping and peacock stopped too.
It made perfect sense, they now knew what to do.
Repent, they discovered, is a word ALL should know.
When you’ve gone the wrong way, then where else can you go?
Turn around! Don’t go on when signs all say Repent!
Turn around and stop going where you never were sent.
Find instead the right road, narrow and straight...
Walk away from the judging, the insults and hate.
Learn to love one another.... it’s better, you’ll see!
Make a friend of your enemy and then you’ll be free!

© Copyright 2018 Gerald D Shuler. All rights reserved.

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