Listen deeply to your heart

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I want people to be inspired, and to let their work and creativity shine their real emotions and their real thoughts. This goes for myself to, I limit my writings to very simple form and sometimes afraid to go into new boundaries.

Submitted: October 31, 2013

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Submitted: October 31, 2013



A blank page.  It offers infinite opportunities. Our brains, can fill that up with uncountable amount of images and words, yet somehow, we limit ourselves to think in a defined set. The sea is blue.  The grass is green. Yes, those are true for lots of the time, but don’t you have imagination? Give it detail, get inspired. See it from your eyes and define things in your words, not in society’s way.


Maybe it’s hard to do that with real life things and their colours, yet when we create characters and objects, we can create them how we want, yet we still let them be restricted, bound by the lack of creativity. “I want my painting to be normal and understood”. I’m sure it won’t be a great painting if it doesn’t depict your real feelings. You got to follow your heart. It’s not about doing what’s mainstream or what the client’s want, it’s giving them something you want to create, and make them love it.  An honest piece of art or literature or whatever you are doing.


Set yourself free, break the chains. You have strength, that unstoppable power; all you have to do is let it all out. Unleash your inner angels and demons; show it in what you create. Eat the ingredients, the words, and the paint, feel the emotions, and once it is clear spit out your creation. There are no limits except those that you create. The set of results is open and unbounded. Society cannot force you what to do, you have to do work that pushes and expands society to newer boundaries, newer extremes, and newer tastes.


Sometimes, it’s not just about our artistic side, sometimes it’s also about our true selves. We hide behind a mask, showing what society wants to see, what our friends like, and we’re living in a shell, drowned in darkness. One day, you have to let your true self out, and see the light, and realise, that you are the light; you are the one shining and what you see is only reflection of what you leave behind. Walk the streets and make people smile, as if you were a fairy unicorn throwing glitter or a rainbow catwalk. It’s hard to be yourself for the first few times, and you get rejection, that’s part of life, but you have to beat the fears, beat the judgment and be who you want to be, because no one else will make your heart happy. No one else will suffer the pain you do, we are all unique, and we deserve to shine.


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