Missing Love

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The story revolves around a couple and their disputes. But the relationship gets a hope as soon as he enters.

Submitted: February 04, 2014

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Submitted: February 04, 2014



Arjun and Deepika, a young couple, married since 6 years without any kid, now find their marriage gradually becomes a tasteless relationship, having said that, both are still together and pretend to be happy in front of everyone. Arjun is a CEO of an IT firm and Deepika is a Painter. Professionally, both are different and mentally even much more. Such differences made it difficult for both of them to live their lives together, with each other. Money, status and society couldn’t bring back the lost love in their life, unless, a friend stepped in their house and changed their world. Manjeet, a freelance writer and Arjun’s childhood friend, came into existence to write a new story for the good or for the bad, may be. Manjeet and Arjun studied in the same school, same college. But, later on Manjeet decided to go abroad for work and Arjun decided to stay back and find a job. Manjeet is back now and preferred to stay with Arjun as he is new to town and doesn’t know anybody much.

“My wife”, Arjun introduces pointing at Deepika. “Pleased to meet you, Lady”, says Manjeet. Deepika finds something strange in his eyes but with a feeling of ignorance she greets him back, “Call me Deepika”, with a smile on her face. Its 8:00 P.M and all three sitting together on the dining table with a glass of wine for each and discussing Manjeet’s professional aspects. “Well, how come you came back to India?...as far as I remember, you didn’t  have any such plans!!” Arjun (with a smile) asks Manjeet. “Oh yes, I am writing a book on Indian culture and that is why I am here”, says Manjeet, “Need some practical experiences, you know!!” he adds. “Hmm, writing on Indian culture…sounds pretty good…and what kind of experiences you’re looking out for?”, asks Deepika. Manjeet looks at her with such an expression that makes her feel a bit uncomfortable and laughs, “It could be anything”, he reverts. Deepika quickly finishes her dinner and takes leave from both the gentlemen and walk towards her bedroom. “What’s wrong with her?” Manjeet asks Arjun. Arjun moves the discussion to a different aspect and they both carry on with their meal. On the other hand, Deepika lying on her bed, lights on and restless. She gets up, opens the drawer next to the bed and takes out sleeping pills and has two them.

At the balcony, after dinner, Arjun and Manjeet holding the glasses of wine and talking. “I am thinking of getting a divorce”, Arjun said.  Manjeet looks at him for a while without any expression and drinks his wine while staring at him. “Goodnight”, says Manjeet firmly and leaves. Arjun stands still. While taking a sip he thinks of his first meeting with Deepika. They met at an art gallery where Arjun went with one of his colleagues and Deepika’s paintings were on display. “Hey Deepika, how are you?” his colleague greeted her with a hug. Arjun was standing next to him. Calm and quiet, with a fake smile on his face and an expression of unwillingness of being there. Deepika looked at him and asked, “didn’t you like the paintings?” “Not exactly, I am not much fond of art”, he replied rigidly. Deepika, bit amazed but not shocked, smiled at him. And before she could reply anything , Arjun’s colleague jumped in between the conversation and asked her, “we’re going for lunch. Why don’t you join us?”. “I am much needed here, you guys carry on. Thanks for asking though”, she replied softly.

 “Hey dude, can I use your phone?” Manjeet echoed. “Oh sure”, Arjun replied shockingly. He walked towards the bedroom and closed the door. Manjeet got busy with phone.

Next morning at 9:00 A.M, Wednesday. Deepika is in the kitchen, preparing breakfast. Arjun is getting ready for office and Manjeet is taking bath as he also needs to go out for research. “Breakfast is ready”, Deepika in a depressing voice. Arjun, all set with a laptop bag, mobile phone comes out from the bedroom while arranging his tie. He takes out the chair to sit. “How many times do I have to tell you that I don’t like paranthas!!” he shouts annoyingly. He gets up in anger, takes the car keys and leaves. She though heard him, but showed no reaction.

Manjeet comes out with an urge to have good breakfast. “Paranthas!!” he asked. “I can make something else, if you don’t want to have this”, Deepika replied. Manjeet looked at her and said in an exciting voice, “are you kidding me? I’ve been missing Indian delicacies since I am out.” “Thanks Deepika. You made my day” he added and started having his meal. “You want some more” she asked. Manjeet replied, “burrpp” and both started laughing. He quickly takes his bag and leaves for the day.

Deepika gets busy with her regular household work, but for a change, this time, with a sweet smile on her face and thinking of the compliment, “You made my day”. But this is not the first time she has got such compliment. And definitely she was not at all thinking of Manjeet made this statement. Reason for her smile was her past.

Arjun and Deepika had their second meeting after 7 days from the day of exhibition. While driving back home at 9:00 P.M, Arjun stopped by seeing a girl besides the road standing alone and looking for taxi. He stops the car, gets down and starts walking towards her. “Deepika, right?” he said. “Whose paintings you didn’t like” she replied smiling but not sarcastic. He laughed and asked her if she requires a drop-by. Deepika, without giving it a second thought -replied, “Yes. Desperately”. Arjun dropped her home. “Thanks. Would you like to have a cup of coffee?” she asked. While he could reply back, she added “Don’t think much Arjun. I make good coffee”. He smiled at her, parked his car and both walked upstairs to her apartment. Deepika opened the door and they stepped in. “Beautiful house” Arjun complimented. “Thanks” she replied. “What would you prefer? Black or White.” she added. “Anything” he replied back. She goes to the kitchen. Meanwhile, Arjun looks around her apartment. After a while, she comes out holding a tray with two mugs of black coffee on it. They both sit on the couch, she keeps the tray on the table and offers him one of them and takes one herself. Arjun takes his first sip and says “Hmm, you really make good coffee”. Deepika smiles and start having her sips. “Are you staying alone here?” asked Arjun. “No. I stay with my friend. She is out of town for few days and I keep myself busy in paintings.” “Can I have a look at your paintings”, he urged. She takes him to her personal studio in the apartment and shows him around. He looks at those one by one and says, very softly “Beautiful paintings, but you are much more beautiful than your work.” They both look at each other and the phone rings.

Deepika takes the call and finds Arjun on the other side of it. “I’ve been calling from the last 15 minutes. Where were you?” he shouts. “Anyway, I will be late tonight. Don’t wait for me at dinner.” and disconnects the call. Suddenly the door bell rings. She opens the door. “Hey, sorry to disturb you.” said Manjeet. He added saying that he had to come back from half way as he forgot to take his mobile phone along. The moment he entered the room, he found some unfinished paintings lying on the side table. He picked them up and started looking at them one after the other. “Don’t touch them.” Deepika shouted. “Oh I am sorry” he replied astonishingly and kept them as it is and left.

While he was going down the stairs, he started wondering why did she react in such a manner. He was just generously looking at her paintings. But why those were incomplete? What made her so upset? All such questions were making him desperate to go back and talk to her and he did so. He climbed up the stairs and rang the door bell. She opened the door for him and this time Manjeet found her crying. Deepika stands amazed and Manjeet looking at her. “I know something is bothering you. I might help you” he said. She turned around with tears in her eyes and walked while Manjeet stepped inside and closed the door. “I’ve never thought that our marriage will become a disaster and it will be difficult for both me and Arjun to stay with each other.” she started opening up with Manjeet. “He liked everything in me before we got married. He knew that I love to paint and want to continue with it. He was supportive at that point of time.” she added. “Now except arguments and fights, we are left with nothing.” She continued.  “And, what do you think could be the reason for such a set apart?” asked Manjeet in curiosity. Deepika didn’t bother to answer his question and went to her room. Manjeet, without even thinking much, he knocked the door of her bedroom and said “keeping it to yourself might let you go in depression and fall sick. Crying is not the solution deepika.” She opened the door and shouted “why should I discuss my personal life with you? Why don’t you leave me alone?” She closed the door and yelled, “Leave”. Manjeet was now really very curious to know the reason for their bad relationship. What could it be? And he leaves.

Its 11:00 P.M now, Deepika is watching TV. The door bell rings followed by a bang on the door. Deepika quickly runs to open it and as soon as she does so, she finds Arjun severely drunk and couldn’t stand properly. She tries to hold him and accompany him to the bedroom. But Arjun pushes her back and says “Stay Away” in a loud voice. He manages to walk to the bedroom all by himself while throwing his stuffs here and there. Deepika picks them one by one and suddenly Manjeet steps in. “Can you please shift somewhere else and leave this house as soon as possible?” pleaded Deepika with depressing eyes. Manjeet looked at her with an expression of respect and said “only at one condition.” She got a bit confused and asked “What?” He smiled and said “I am going to dharpuri village for research and want you to join me” before she could reply anything, he added “and I don’t want to hear NO.”

Next day was a Sunday and both of them left for dharpuri sharp at 8:00 A.M. Arjun was very much aware of this and was fine with it. Manjeet and Deepika took a bus and then a rickshaw to reach the place. Deepika was happy and Manjeet could find it out with her expressions. As soon as they enter the village, they see the kids playing around, women are busy with household work, and men are busy talking. Both get into a house and Manjeet starts talking to the family members on their lifestyle and Deepika sitting beside him looks at the smiling kids playing outside and gets lost in them.

Arjun and Deepika travelling in a hired cab and going to Kullu for honeymoon. “I’ve heard lot about this place.” said Deepika. “Yes, a very beautiful place, specially, for honeymoon” replied Arjun with a sweet smile. Deepika looked at him and asked “Arjun, do you love kids?” The car hits the brakes.

“Deepika….Deepika??” Manjeet calls her. She looks at him and Manjeet continues saying “Let’s go”. Deepika comes back from her dream and replies “Yes…..Yes!!” While they walk towards the next house, Manjeet asks Deepika of what was she thinking. “You know, Arjun was never ready to take responsibilities of a child”, she said. “And I always wanted one.” she added. Manjeet holds her hands and ask her to sit. He tells her a story. He starts “There was a man and a woman who loved each other and wanted to get married. But somehow they couldn’t. Reason being, they both belonged to different castes. As they loved each other, they decided to stay apart from their respective families. They got married, had a kid and lived happily ever after. Few days later, the wife had fallen sick and few days more she left the journey of life in between. The kid is now 12 and living alone in New Jersey.” Before he could complete, Deepika interrupted, “And what about the Husband?” He smiled and replied “He is sitting just in front of you.” Deepika was shocked and speechless. She had nothing to say, except, staring at him quietly. “Nothing to get worried about, Deepika.” he said in order to normalize the environment. “My wife was a Muslim and belonged to Delhi and I am here with an objective to visit the dargah as to fulfill her last wish.” he added. Manjeet also mentioned that this is his second visit to Delhi. At the time of his first visit, he stayed with Arjun, before he got married to Deepika and she was nowhere in the picture at the time. Deepika knew that they are childhood friends and there’s nothing unusual in it. She kept on listening to him till the time Manjeet actually said something unusual. The unusual was Arjun’s accident before marriage. A severe accident which made him paralyzed for few months and shocking news that he can never become a father. Deepika with her mouth open, tears in her eyes and tensed asked him “Why didn’t he tell me all these before?” Manjeet replied “You wouldn’t have married him then.” “Yes, I wouldn’t have.” she replied in a loud voice. “Oh, now I know why he always kept on saying that he doesn’t want a child” she added. Manjeet was listening to her with all due patience and didn’t react to any of her words. When she was all done, Manjeet commented “He was never rude to you. Your sadness, loneliness and depressing behavior made him act like so.” “He always loved you and never wanted you to feel bad or upset being him at fault.” Manjeet lets her know that Arjun is deciding on setting apart and getting a divorce so that Deepika may lead a good life. But he assures her that he will not let this happen and try to resolve all disputes between and her and Arjun. Deepika feels guilty but satisfied with Manjeet’s assurance.

Manjeet and Deepika come back home in the evening at around 7:00 P.M. Arjun opens the door and gives a good smile to Manjeet and doesn’t even look at Deepika. They get in and close the door. “So, how was the day?” Arjun asks Manjeet. “Hmm..Good” he answers with a smile and then looks at Deepika. “Dinner?” asks Deepika to both the gentlemen. “Let’s go out and three of us have a good meal.” says Manjeet. Deepika was comfortable with the thought and Arjun also seemed good with it. While they were ready to leave, Manjeet reacts “Oh, I forgot”. Deepika and Arjun both look at him. “How can I forget the meeting that was scheduled with the museum manager tonight” he added. “No problem. You carry on with your meeting. We’ll go some other time.” Arjun said. “I’ve already booked a table for us. I will carry on with my meeting and you guys go for dinner and have a good time.” Manjeet urged. “But…” said Arjun and stopped in between when Manjeet pleaded. Arjun took the car keys and three of them move ahead to the car parking area. “I will drop you midway” said Arjun to Manjeet. Manjeet gets down in between and Arjun and Deepika drive further to the restaurant. Deepika gets down while Arjun parks his car. They both enter the restaurant and enquire about the booked table. The restaurant manager guides them to their table, pulls the chair for the lady and places menu card in front of them. Meanwhile, Arjun orders a peg of whiskey on the rocks for himself and a glass of red wine for Deepika. “This is the same restaurant where we had our first dinner out after marriage. Do you remember?” asked Deepika. “How can I forget that?” Arjun replied. He continued “Deepika, I want to say something. I have been rude to you from the last 5 Years. You’ve been so polite to me. I made you upset. I was being the culprit in the relationship.” Deepika was listening to him patiently. “Your voice is music to my ears.” she said. Meanwhile the waiter strikes in between the conversation with their orders. “Sir (while placing the whiskey to Arjun), Ma’am (while placing the wine glass). Enjoy your drink.” greeted the waiter and left the table. “Cheers!!” said Deepika with a happy mood. Arjun replies back the same. They take their first sip and place their glasses again on the table. “I want to confess something” Arjun started the discussion again. Deepika with a smile on her face, holds his right hand with her left and tells him not speak a word by shaking her head softly. She continued speaking “Manjeet has told me everything about your accident and the pain you are going through. You’re lucky to have a friend like him.” “MY ACCIDENT??!!” Arjun replied shockingly. Deepika leaves his hand and with all her senses repeats “Yes, your accident. Before marriage. See, you don’t have to react such way and no need to hide and feel ashamed of in front of Me.” Before she could complete, Arjun interrupted saying, “Wait..Wait…What do you mean by my accident? Wasn’t it yours and you can’t conceive anymore?” Deepika gets a shock and stands up shouting “What are you talking about? Who told you all that?” Arjun looks at her and takes Manjeet’s name. She sits back with her eyes open and full of questions. “What did he tell you?” she asked. Arjun tells her that the night he came home late, drunk, he was with Manjeet for drink and dine. He continued with the discussions he and Manjeet had that night….

“Why are you thinking of getting a divorce? It’s a beautiful relationship that you and Deepika share.” says Manjeet. “This is not a relationship, this is something else, a burden, that we’re carrying along.” Arjun replied to Manjeet’s statement. Manjeet told him that he had a long and fruitful talk with Deepika. “Let me tell you a story” said Manjeet. He started telling the same story that he uttered to Deepika about his love, marriage, wife’s death and son. “I know all these Manjeet.” said Arjun. “What’s the catch?” he added. Manjeet told him about Deepika’s accident before marriage and her pain that she can never conceive. “Are you kidding me?” asked Arjun. “She had never discussed this with me and now I know why she kept on asking me if I love kids.” he wondered. Arjun discovered that their relationship was always beautiful, but he never tried to understand her sorrows.

Both, Deepika and Arjun are quite now and comment less. Arjun calls up Manjeet and finds his number switched off. He calls the waiter, asks for the bill, pays and quickly gets up running towards the parking along with Deepika. Deepika tries hi number again and again, but gets no response. They drive back home and as soon as they reach the door, they find a letter lying on the door-mat. Arjun picks up the letter slowly and sees his and Deepika’s name on the envelope. The letter reads….

“Hi to both of you, please do not misunderstand me. I have come to India for my beloved wife and not for any research or book writing. I loved my wife and she loved me too. But, unfortunately, we couldn’t finish this journey together. She left me in between. As I didn’t know anybody here in this city except my childhood friend, Arjun, so I preferred to stay with you people. While staying with both of you, I had realized the pain that both of you were suffering, whatever be the reason or without any reason and decided to minimize the distance that you both have created in between, intentionally or unintentionally.

I haven’t had any meeting scheduled for today, but my flight was. My son is waiting for me and I need to be with him. I had created this situation so that you may resolve your disputes and understand and find your lost love before you lose each other.

Stay happy. Stay Blessed.

With all my best wishes, Manjeet.”

Having tears in their eyes, both Deepika and Arjun looked at each other and hugged. “I love you” said Arjun. “I love you too” said Deepika.

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