A lost love is meant to be

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A love that was lost

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



i dont wana make you cry when you always wonder y i always lie

but if you knew the real could you handle how you feel?

could you tell i was man to tell you what mite dismantel you?

what if i told you i didnt plan to just happened to?

now thats the truth the whole truth.

dont have proof but i can prove that i am a man, a real man

ready to move foward, toward the goal

the goal as me and you as a whole, actually i dunno

dont know if i wana b put on death row wit you

fo the rest of my life now thats strife, images of dyin

dyin by the knife from my wife.

thats why i dont tell you what i should

wish i could but it wouldnt do no good

now let me tell you this i luv how you kiss,

i miss the bliss but now it seems subliminal

your like a criminal that stole my heart

ripped it apart left me in the dark

guess we lost that spark, that arc

that was our chemistry now its just a mystery

why do i wake up next to you when i hate you and you hate me

but i dont hate you i just misplaced my feelings for you

or you for me,

i dont know but i didnt want you to go

you were my eternal luv now your a foe

and im an average joe that cant let it show

to embarassed to be the man that you deserve

we were headed straight but then we started to swerve

i didnt want you to leave but you left

guess you needed to b relieved so you got your relief

now i grieve i wish aleve mended a broken heart

but where would it start?

i dont even know where to end

who has a heart to lend? but whos got that much to spend?

well i guess i will end here but just so we are clear i wish you were still here.


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