The words She needs to hear

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The words she needs to hear everyday

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



as i stare into her eyes, i see the stars sparkle like im lookng to the sky
its your love drug that gets me high, shes like the flame to my candle,
she speaks softly but her words are powerful
she is strong and her smile makes me week
she has a face of an angel and the personality to match
she has my heart and i have hers
to hear her breathe as we lay, is like heaven on earth on the most beautiful day
to have a love like that i could die tomorow and still be alive
i have but only one weakness and that is my love for her
i feel as if i dont deserve sumone so prescious
i lie awake staring at her, restless
is this too good to be true? it seems as if so it is when we kiss
she is my infiniti, my endless love
together forever and forever together like two doves
there are many more feelings that i cannot write
i cannot put them into words for not enough words can describe her
she is love and love is her
she is heaven and heaven is her
she is the candy for my sweet tooth
if we werent we and if she werent with me these feelings would never be


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