Unhappy thoughts

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Feelings from the dark

Submitted: August 26, 2012

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Submitted: August 26, 2012



why do i feel this way? why do i wanna run, run away from where i lay?
i dont have to be alone, however, i chose too.
why do i let this life bring me down? down to a place i havent seen in a long time.
a place where i said id never be again. it seems i can never get away, no matter how hard i try.
no matter how high i climb, tryin to reach something that must be unreachable.
for if it wasnt unreachable, why am i not there yet?
thought it was cuz of the crime, the crimes i commited.
thought if id stop id be equitted. however it seems worse when im tryin to do right.
maybe i should go back to my original job, get out and rob.
fuck erryone else and give me mine. i aint stoppin till im dead or i shine.
forget this life, im waitin for the next.
so im takin it all, even if it aint mine.
they say mo money mo problems, fuck that i say mo money no problems.
thinkin bout all that im missin now im wishin i would have listened
this shit depression, ive learned my lesson, but its too late
fuckin up is my fate, not to b great, but to be my mas biggest mistake
takin the path of my pops, no props, just settin up shops, and tryin not to get popped by the cops
turn a casino into a coke distributor, a dope game contributor
seems like its in my bloodline, thanks to the folks that cant stop at one line
cuz they will give me the business, bcuz im wisdomless. atleast when it comes to life

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