She doesn't Understand

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I wrote this about 3 weeks into being on the streets again. I've been out now for about 3 1/2 months. I was having a tough time accepting that the mother of my child wanted nothing to do with me any more because of the destruction I caused in everybodys life around me, and around her. When I wrote this it was probably right after she broke my heart the second time.

-I said if some one gives me a response i'll put some stuff out from the heart. We'll I got a response so I dug in my drawers and blew the dust of one of my notebooks to find this one.

Submitted: May 28, 2011

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Submitted: May 28, 2011



She Doesn't Undeerstand

By: Can't Get right

~the Fucking Legend

Baby please,

I can hardley breathe,

Answer my calls I need some reprieve,

I'm about to fall,

I'm down on my knees,

I don't do those things I used to do,

If you only knew how much I was in love with you,

I'm sufficating my face is turing blue,

You two are the only things I never with to lose,

I finnaly got a clue,

How much more do I gotta prove,

How many more times do I gotta ride,

How many more times are you gonna deny talking to other guys,

You treating me like I was blind,

Doing these things right in front of my eyes,

Deep down inside I wanna die,

Go away and hide in a faraway place,

Vanish with out a trace,

But then I close my eyes and see jasmines face,

And that keeps me pushing just another day,

Hoping love overcomes this pain and hate.


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