His Pride is Prejudiced

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

Every girl--well, almost--counts down to Valentine's Day, wondering what their boyfriends have prepared for them but not Ava. Love is in the air whenever the fourteenth of February strikes but that air doesn't want to be inhaled by everyone especially not Ava, apparently, she doesn't have a choice. She didn't even know why she stuck with Matt. Okay, let's see all the possible reasons: well, he's very good-looking--trust me, you'd fall head over heels the moment you see him--uhm, he's charming and witty but, watch him play video games on Valentine's Day? You call that a date? Seriously? When Ava spends Valentine's Day every year with Matt doing things beyond--?waaay? beyond--anyone's imagination, she has given up and accepted the fact that Matt has no Valentine spirit. Afraid to let go of Matt--actually, afraid ended up being alone for the rest of her life--cupid finally had mercy on her and gave her the man of her dreams with a lot of consequence that she never even knew was possible. Find out who's Mr. Right, how she meets her man that she once thought impossible and ends up with the choice of leaving the man she had known and had accepted for a very long time or adjusts herself for someone new and different that she had misjudged all along.

Table of Contents


  One     Great.  I  can't  wait  for  what  my  boyfriend  has &n... Read Chapter


  Two     Don't ask what happened. Just don't ask. Okay.  Let's just skip the rest of the day and... Read Chapter


  Three     I yawned my way to my work desk. "Good morning, Lorry," I said flatly. "Oh my God, Ava... Read Chapter


Four Oh my God! I'm actually going to meet Channing Tatum in one day!!! This is so unbelievable. As I entered our apartment, Hale... Read Chapter


  Five     After watching Million Dollar Love, Haley and I dozed off.  We can't afford to have h... Read Chapter


  Six     After witnessing the hilarious film, Kellan invited me, Haley and Channing to hang out at a bar ... Read Chapter


  Seven       After submitting the interview of Channing Tatum the next day, I spent the next few... Read Chapter


  Eight     I rode the cab to the club.  By seven sharp, I have already arrived at the back of the lo... Read Chapter


  Nine     I felt like I’ve thrown my money out on taxi fare because I went there expecting a great nigh... Read Chapter


  Ten     I wake up the next morning, checking my phone for any messages from Haley but it was flooded wit... Read Chapter


  Eleven     After five days of writing and rewriting Caleb’s interview—which never even formally happ... Read Chapter


  Twelve     He put his shades back on before we got off the plane.  The passengers kept their eyes o... Read Chapter


  Thirteen     Since I'm a very nice host, I made my guest a chicken soup.  I brought it to his room ... Read Chapter


  Fourteen     “Caleb!” was the word that I uttered the moment I burst the door open.  “Caleb P... Read Chapter


  Fifteen     After watching the blockbuster movie and eating bad-catered food, our bodies had to stick to... Read Chapter


Sixteen I grabbed my phone and dialed Matt's number. And just as I thought where this phone call would go: voicemail. “Hey, Mat... Read Chapter


  Seventeen     I worked my way to the office.I didn’t know how the crowd vanished from the front of the... Read Chapter


  Eighteen     Seven o’clock. Finishing up for tonight’s premiere, there was a knock on the door.&... Read Chapter


  Seven years later…     “Honey,” I placed a gentle hand on his forearm.  “Don’t do that, i... Read Chapter