Precious Artist

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A typical morning, with a twist of blessing.

Submitted: November 07, 2011

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Submitted: November 07, 2011




Precious Artist




Larry: a regular guy

The Child: a lovely little bundle of energy and excitement, around 6 years old.


Setting: Early morning A kitchen, with a kitchen table and a coffee pot.


Scene 1. The only scene.


The child is vigorously, happily, drawing with crayons at the kitchen table.

In stumbles Larry, in his pajamas, yawning.

Larry shuffles to the coffee pot.

The Childs head jerks up.

As Larry reaches for the coffee pot, the child races to him, grabbing his hand.


The Child: (pulling Larry towards the table) Come, look at what I made for you!


Larry: (resisting) Hey, just let me get some coffee.


The Child: (insistently pulling him back) Come look! Come look! What do you think?


Larry: (starting towards the room door) let me get my…


The Child: Glasses? Here they are. (produces glasses)

Lookie, lookie!


Larry: (somewhat reluctantly puts on his glasses and leans over the table) Ok. Lets see what we’ve got here.

(Larry leans over the table to look at the piece of paper.)


Larry: Wow.

(Larry blinks. Does a double take, then a triple take)


Larry: WOW! This… This is incredible!

(child is giggling and bobbing around, clapping)


Larry: This is amazing! The colors… the detail. Its spectacular!

There’s a beautiful sunrise! And so many flowers…and birds…and trees

And who is this? (smiling broadly) It’s my lovely wife.

(child clapping, nodding and bobbing)

She’s gorgeous! She’s dressed like a princess, that’s funny!


The Child: She is a princess, silly! You had better treat her like one.


Larry: (chuckling) Yes, she is; and you’re right, and I will.

(leaning over the picture)

There’s the house.. the car.. and, who’s this? (laughing) It’s Bob, that I work with! Incredible!


The Child: (Smiling) I love Bob.


Larry: (looking at the child with a little surprise and smile) You do? That is so sweet.

(side hugs the child)


The Child: You should tell him that I said so.


Larry: (lightly laughing) Yeah, sure Precious, I will. (side hugging more)

(returning to the picture) And look, there is that kid from the coffee shop. Amazing! You can even see that he’s a little sad, as usual.


The Child: Yes, he does look sad. You should be especially nice to him. Maybe you can make him smile.


Larry: Yeah. Ok..


(child interrupts)

The Child: I love him, too.


(Larry looks at the child in joy and wonder)

Larry: You are so sweet and amazing. (smiling broadly)

(turning and taking the child’s hands)

Larry: You certainly have drawn me a beautiful day. You must have worked so hard on it.


The Child: Well, I love you of course. (while hopping and giggling)


Larry: And I love you.


(The Child does an exaggerated bow)

The Child: You, be Happy, all day!


(The Child turns and starts skipping away)


(Larry straightens to watch as the child skips away

And then…)



(The Child spins around in animated surprise and anticipation)


Larry: (kind of quiet and humble) Thank You.

(The Child beams a huge smile, and sprints into his arms. Curtain falls as Larry and GOD hug and spin)

by Gary Glover










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