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Rai has caught Yuki talking with an ex-boyfriend. Enraged, he decides to ignore Yuki.

Submitted: September 27, 2012

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Submitted: September 27, 2012



A/N: wrote this in class (was bored) so i hope you enjoy this little story :) 

  “Rai!” Yuki exclaimed, running after his boyfriend, “Wait!”
Rai suddenly stops, making Yuki bump into him.
“Rai, what’s wrong?” Yuki asked, concerned.
Rai glared at him, making him coward away.
“Nothing.” he gritted his teeh. He shrugged Yuki off and walked on to class.

After the end of the second class, Yuki slumped in his seat, sighing deeply.
“Yuki, are you okay?” Yuki’s ex-boyfriend, Shino, asked.
Yuki pouted and shook his head.
“What? Did you and Rai get into an argument?”
Yuki shook his head again.
“Did he get bored of you?”
He shrugged, face planted on his desk.
“What are you thinking about, Yuki?” Shino asked, lifting Yuki’s face with both hands while straddling his seat.
“I don’t know…” Yuki shrugged again. “I’m not sure what I did this time…”
“What did you do?”
“I’m not sure, but Rai’s mad about it.”
Rai appeared by the door like he usually does when the lunch bell rang. Waiting there, he spotted Yuki and Shino together, Shino’s hands caressing Yuki’s face.
Yuki spotted Rai and smiled, knowing his boyfriend had come pick him up, but Rai walked off.
“Rai, wait!” Yuki ran after him, tripping over his chair. Shino caught him before he landed face first to the floor.
“Yuki?” Shino let Yuki got and crouched beside him.
Yuki sat there with his knees folded under him. Tears fell freely down his cheeks. Quickly, he wiped them away, but they continued to fall.
“Yuki…” Shino said. Slowly, he caressed Yuki’s face once more and wiped away the tears.
“Shino…what are you doing?” Yuki asked.
Shino looked at him sadly, surprising him. Then he leaned forward, placing his forehead against Yuki’s, making them look at each other, eye to eye.
“Won’t you give me another chance?”
Yuki, startled and shock, flinched away from his hands. He looked at Shino. He once loved Shino, but that was in the past. Now he loved…he loved…
“I’m sorry, Shino. I can’t…I just can’t because…”
Shino smiled sadly, knowing his chance had long passed the day they ever dated.
“You love him don’t you, Yuki?”
Yuki nodded, wiping freshly new tears. “I’m sorry, Shino.” Yuki repeated, running out of the room.

Yuki ran through the hall as the bell rang for the next class, but he ignored it. Desperately, he looked in the other classes, asking Rai’s friends where he was. No one knew.

Girls ran frantically to him, surrounding him with worried looks.
“What is it?” he asked.
The girls looked at each other, watching to see who’d step up. One nervously stepped up towards him.
“I-it’s about Yuki…he…he fell down the stairs on the second floor and-”
Rai was gone. His heartbeat fast as he ran into the building to the infirmary. He slammed the door open, quickly spotting Yuki on one of the beds. His friends rushed to his side.
“Rai…” they said in unison, faces full of worry.
Ignoring them, Rai rushed to Yuki’s side and gently took his lover’s hand in his and sat in the nearby seat.
“Yuki…” he murmured.
Everyone filed out of the room, closing the door with a ‘click.’ Guilty, Rai hung his head low.
“I’m sorry…”
He had failed as a lover to protect his loved one. Only caring about his feelings that he’d let his love of his life get hurt. Standing and leaning over Yuki’s unconscious body, he gently kissed Yuki on the lips, feeling the soft lips against his. Then he pulled away and met with a pair of brown eyes.
“Yuki!” Rai exclaimed in surprise.
Yuki quickly threw his arms around his boyfriend’s neck.
“Do you know like me anymore, Rai?” Yuki asked, his sad eyes looking at Rai.
It was no use escaping those eyes. Rai knew he had lost this fight.
“What did I do that mae you so angry?”
Rai frowned and looked away. Yuki pouted and bit into his lover’s ear.
“Tell me!!” Yuki demanded.
Rai chuckled and kissed Yuki, then mumbled, “Shino.”
“I said Shino.”
What about hi-” Yuki blinked twice before going into a giggling fit.
“What?” Rai mimicked, confused.
“Are you jealous?”
Rai refused to answer, making Yuki smile more. Then he planted a kiss on his boyfriend’s cheek.
“I’m glad.”
“You better be.”
Yuki giggled again. “I love you, Rai.”
“I love you too.”
Before long, they both were lost in each other’s embrace, not realizing that there were eavesdroppers by the door.

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