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Interstellar soldiers, Sgts. Ma and Grant, have once again been called onto a suicide mission to rescue survivors from a planet where computers are bent on killing the biosphere. This mission has the most unknowns for the soldiers, as little is known about the planet, or how to destroy the machines, and yet remain alive for the return to United Armed Services, Special Force Command. They will have to depend on each other in a rapidly deteriorating situation.

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Sgt. Ulysses F. Grant wakes from hibernation to find himself in a small spacecraft hurtling between stars on a rescue/suicide mission with too many unknowns. As he comes to he notices the vast
stars outside the craft and remembers how he became a soldier, though he was far shorter than most of his peers. Grant learned to strike first before his enemy could respond.
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Suicide missions for the Interstellar United Armed Services require only the best soldiers. Sergeants Grant and Ma will use untested weapons and methods, on a little-known world, to defeat a rogue computer and save the pitiful few survivors left there. Th