The Aftermath of Pained Dreams

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A twisted recount of post break up dreams

Submitted: December 20, 2011

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Submitted: December 20, 2011




The walls had a bluish, black tinge from the light off the laptop. The cool air was palpable as I entered. The room smelt of the fresh air as I noticed the window was inched open in an effort to freeze out the emotions that spring forth. The TV rested on two nightstands and was clearly unstable. I breathed a sigh of relief, for the stresses of the day would soon be over for the small time frame I had.

I walked towards the bed that rested seamlessly between two windows that allowed no light but a damp chill to enter the room. I took one last glance around the room registering my surroundings. The dresser that held the chessboard, the ceiling that for some strange reason lacked a fan, the darkness of the room that made shadows grow with every spot I found, and the closet that I superstitiously kept closed.

The room blacked out as I closed my eyelids and the rush of water overtook me. Now that the nightmares had ended it was time to rebuild. The chaos left this world in a state of disarray. The sand was all that remained constant. Thousands of tiny pieces that could visit every inch of the world based on natures whim.

As I left the beach, I found myself standing on a sidewalk. As I said the sand was all that remained constant and the first few pieces of this land were proof. The once solid slabs of concrete held cracks and most had a rubble consistency there to break to pieces with every step. The streets that were at one time dark black asphalt had eroded from the year of rain that now left a grayish dirt looking ground.

The buildings scattered around laid in rubble. Hope read from the tops of many that seemed to have been lifted out of the ground and dropped hundreds of feet to shatter against the earth. Small houses labeled dreams lay broken in bits with porches that once held older versions of me and girls I saw futures with. Noticing the vast amount made it clear I had trouble holding onto love. The kids never changed though but even they were nonexistent these days.

I found an old park that held many memories resembling now a post-apocalyptic elementary school that held nothing but fear. My memories were shattered and blown to bits. The earth around me was black and tough.

However, as I said it was time to rebuild and I as the dreamer held my place as the foreman. Progress was slow but noticeable. We had recovered slight bits of the memory district, and had men slowly rebuilding the hopes and dreams. On the other hand, progress will always have hindrance and the armies of nostalgia would rush in and kill off workers and crush buildings. Our workers had become resilient; those who survived one attack would survive the next and so on. Progress refused to be hindered.

These days their numbers were growing and so were ours. Buildings flew up evening after evening and my dreams became simple again. As I came upon the site of our most recent project I saw the men rebuilding a young me. The boy I once was I could see the life in him. Then as I watched the man pulled a bright light from his pocket and placed it into the boy’s chest. As I looked down I reached towards my chest and pulled forth my light to find a dim glow. It seemed that life had nearly burned out the beauty of my inner light.

I continued forward and found myself in a building that looked a bit like a refinery labeled senses. Somehow I strayed from my path and ended up in the sensory district. There the building stood frozen almost completely inside and out. However, unlike normal ice this didn’t melt it just lingered until my men went in and carved it out. The frozen building manifested itself in numb feelings throughout my body.

I came across an empty lot with a house ripped to shreds. It was oddly sad that it was in such perfect shape in my nightmares and now as things leveled it became clear that the shabby shutters and moss that grew along the sides of the building were all that truly held it together. I had discovered she held no family tie. None of them in that accursed nightmare called a home mattered anything as long as I could continue forward. Outside that girl sat crying wondering why I wouldn’t acknowledge her existence. The sight was a tad unbearable, so with a blink I had wiped the building off the face of my dreamscape. I couldn’t fix anything with a thought, but breaking things was always a talent of mine.

With morning in the real world drawing near the night slowly came. The air turned colder and the men slowly packed up to leave. We all headed towards a door with a faint glow behind it. However, it was not some heavenly light kind of situation merely the light of eyes opening.

As the sun showed through the sides of my curtain I awoke. I still hadn’t become used to these full nights of sleep. As I looked around the room I took in my surroundings. I had come to realize how much of a gift everyday was and with that I exhaled the breath I found myself holding and got up for the day.

One thought hung in my head though; the last words of my final nightmare. “Go now for soon we will be back. You can’t escape us you can only quell the burn for so long. Soon another will crush you and with that we will return.”

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