Near, Far...Home

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Home is the first and last word in my life.

Submitted: April 23, 2014

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Submitted: April 23, 2014



Near, Far… Home

Sleeping in mom’s longing sighs,

Smelling dad’s velvet jokes..

Laying in the dazzling sight of my town’s fruit,

 tasting the mosque’s holy prayers at dawn,

or watching the kitten’s musical eyes.

Hunting the waves of Suzan’s hair or Diana’s red drops of youth?

I used to sing “how do I get through one night without you…”,

Where am I? Where are they?

Could I ever bath in the moon’s silvery showers?

Or fall asleep in the warm orange days at noon?

Could I ever feel the blue breeze,

wondering at the mess of my heart’s corners?

My days are fruitless, my mind is lost.

My white steps are shivering towards the sky of my daring dreams.

Could it be a blessing? I do not believe.

For no logical horizon, some times I see a new smoky sun in my mind.

Could it be? For my enchanted alphabets to green,

And the rainbow of my heart’s vivid beats to be seen?

I do not know…there must be an ivory reason to be shown.

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