Be Thankful Anyway!

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You are what you are. It may hard to understand but whatever you had gone through had contributed in the person you are now.

Submitted: May 05, 2014

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Submitted: May 05, 2014



You, yes you!

The one who always talked behind my back whenever I'm not around

The one who never find good in me

The one who often notices every simple mistakes I made

You, I Thank you

Cause if not for you I would'nt be able to feel how hurt it is to be backstabbed

If not for you I would not be able to control myself whenever I find mistake at others

If not for you I won't learn to shut myself up and keep things to myself for the benefit of others

Thank you. Because of you I become a person you are not.


You,yes you!

The one who had the grandest house in town
The one who drives past me riding luxurius car 
The one who elegantly dress at events and parties
The one that others envied because of the  fortune you have
You, I thank you
Because of you I learn to dream of castles
Because of you I love riding my dreams of fantasy
Because of you I become a dreamer
You, yes you! 
The one whose feet had nothing on
The one whose skin so thin, hands shaking because of hunger
The one who envied people walking past through him
The one whose mind seem so confused in this world
You, I thank you
Because of you I learn to love the only pair of slippers I have
Because of you I learn to appreciate the same taste of bread I had in a day
Because of you I learn to embrace the reality of life
Because of you I wanted to become the person who could be there for someone like you
You,yes you!
The one who looked back at me in the mirror
You, my reflection, myself
I thank you
Because you are who you are now despite everything you've been through
You are someone you want yourself to be that others cannot
The one who is kind hearted, a dreamer
The kind who sees the world more than it had offered
Thank you...
From now on,continue to be dreamer,to be the one who can light up others,
to be the one who could somehow make a difference
Most importantly, be the best of who you are!


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