Less Than Nothing

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Celebrities, the media and people.

Less than nothing

You abuse G-D’s


To choose

Man’s plan


Watched you


 Do you?

Or won’t you?

 And for

Less than nothing

When you say

I do

72 days of your vow

Doesn’t appear

 To be true


I don’t know you

And don’t care

What you do

But people

With their nose

 In People

Somehow do

And 72

Got you

Back in mainstream view

You promote a marriage blaze

On bubble gum

 Media’s cover

And then it’s


 In only

 72 days

And the people wonder

Was it just a faze

Or a haze

 The photo clicks

 And the media bullshit


 To melt

The people’s attention

With glaze


 And Suckers

Sweet on tap  

To seal their own thoughts

To a sugary grave

As they craze

Over mass communication

And for

Less than nothing

Their mind stays on vacation

Giving who?

So much attention

Oh yeah

The one

 Calling it


After 72 days

 Mesmerize plays

And not

 Just on you Kim


Behind the media

 The enigma  

Of nine eleven

 Ten years to Libya

Keeping people

Deep with the trivia


Your viewers’ eye

On the rectangle ball

With hypnotic media


 Less than nothing

People sleep

In front on the television set

While the hypnotist set

And creep

And for

Less than nothing

 I hear the flat line ~beeeep~


Submitted: November 05, 2011

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