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In the colder months and around the *holidays, citizens tend to look at the less fortunate. Churches and organizations get together and feed the homeless. It is good because the homeless do look forward to it as well. I encourage those who can answer the call to feed the poor out of that "Perfect Love".

Submitted: November 16, 2012

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Submitted: November 16, 2012




One day in Atlanta, I was driving down Peachtree Street. While stopped at the red light, I looked to my left and there were many people who were eating al fresco. I smiled and thought, “Mighty nice”. Then I looked to my right and there was a man digging in the garbage for food. The smile immediately left my face and my heart beat faster than it needed to.  As I continued down the street, I could hear a voice say “feed the people”. And I thought,”feed the people? Hmm!

I guess it was a spiritual text from Yahuah because if we got into conversation while I was driving that would not be good on the city streets of Atlanta. As I continued to drive Idid not receive anymore messages, so I turned on The Fish and whispered “Father bless me to bless others”. I took that to mean exactly what was said.  Lisa and I were blessed and we try to be a blessing others. It wasn’t a whole  lot, but it meant a lot to people every time Lisa and I went down to Peachtree and Pine on those Sunday mornings. We had started “Winterize Atlanta” with the help of some members of our church. On our last trip, we were able to feed eighty plus people. Early in the morning at 6.a.m., we answered the call to feed others.

 But the next week had a little twist. While I was making this huge pot of beans the night before, in about an hour later, I noticed the beans weren’t cooking.  I was a little upset because you gotta let beans cook nice and slow see. After putting the beans on at midnight, this time, I made sure cooking was in progress. I set the clock for 2:45a.m. so I can check the beans. Lisa had already made perfect rice earlier that night so I was nursing on these beans all night. At 5:00a.m., they were not done and we didn’t for see us getting out to Peachtree and Pine by 6:00a.m that morning. Okay, these beans are not done and I wanted a repeat blessing of the last feeding on Peachtree and Pine.

 We didn’t beat the rain this time and man, it was massive. I had no idea it was going to rain like that. That year, the winter was rough. It snowed so much; I thought I was back in Denver again. While we were packing the car, a line from one of my lyric pieces came to my remembrance, “I wonder where the homeless go when it rains at night”.  That is something too many people don’t think about and for me, I didn’t think about it myself. Yah has a way of bringing you to a place and if you follow and trust him, you will get through some things and you will be the witness. You will know that you can survive any trial or tribulation that comes your way.

 One blessing I did count while out in that rain was the fact that it was temporary for us. We were blessed to have a home to go to that rainy day in Atlanta and we still hold a key to a door that protects us from the elements. And today we continue to open our home for others who need a place to stay for a while. We opened our hearts to feed the homeless individually on the streets in the city Long Beach and to some that pass by our door. Yah has blessed us to give them vouchers to eat at places we eat at downtown Long Beach. We pass blessings because we are blessed.

 I forgot my scarf so the rain found its way to my neck and down my back leaving my shirt completely soaked as well.  As we were passing out the food, my pants and shoes got soaked. Lisa’s coat was drenched and her pants got wet. She also stepped in a puddle and her shoes were soaked. And did I mention the wind, Yes! There were winds blowing on our wet clothes. For some reason, it is always colder and rain harder when you’re downtown Atlanta. With our clothes getting soaked, I could only be reminded to feed the people which is a small price for love. Helping a family who couldn’t help themselves is what Yahusha Messiah tried to teach. Our discomfort of the weather is no comparison to his sacrifice for truth. But we too take this cross of true love.

 After the last bowl of love was given, I turned “Princess” (our car) around and headed back to our warm and cozy home. I took off the wet clothes and hung them to dry. A nice hot bath was at hand and while I was lying in the tub, I thought about the people downtown. When their shoes get soaked, there is no change for a dry pair. The people with no address walk the streets soaked without a change of clothes. I am grateful and I say, “Thank you Father”. I am blessed, and today Yahuah has blessed us to have al fresco money.  We are blessed to cook meals in our nice warm home. I thank Yahuah for what we have and we freely give. That rainy day in Atlanta we fed a family of five, it was worth it and confirmed Love is the only perfect thing.


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