Pastors I Know Part One

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Speak and say it loud. After years of silence, there comes a time when you must speak. You see things and they are not right, but who or what do you go to. For me, I go to my pen.

Submitted: September 18, 2012

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Submitted: September 18, 2012




I used to say that church was the Super Bowl of worship, I was wrong. Worshipping Yahuah in sprit and truth is how Yahusha Messiah told us how to worship. I heard about Nikki Minaj at the Super Bowl Half-time show. I went to You Tube and saw nothing but a shameful display of Idolatry and just bet 99.99% of Christians saw nothing wrong or saw something wrong but, no outrage. There was idol worship and sacrifices and yet ratings high. Yah forgive me for even comparing Your worship to such an abomination.  Christians are stuck on idol worship at every turn. I’m not going to go all in on Christians in this write; however, the book of Revelation says it all. But I do have a word for Pastors and Ministers that I personally know and especially the ones who study like I do or have gone to a bible school or studied religion and Theology.
THEY know what I mean and one by one so will others. I know as I study and continue to study, you pastors and ministers have learned many of the same things and yet, you continue to teach a watered down gospel because it was good enough for your mother, and a gospel that contradicts Yahuah.  Matt 5:17 (KJV) think not that I am come to destroy the law, or the prophets: I am not come to destroy, but to fulfill. Like Yahusha said, I am not the judge. The church teaches you to be quiet and not say anything that is going wrong or if you have an issue within the church, it cannot be recognized. We won’t even talk about pastors fornicating all over the place. Protect the church, yes they will and say that it is Yahuah’s church.  There are seven things that Yah detest and the church members can be found exercising most, if not all.  The church is filled with politics, gossip, back-biting, jealously, lies, thievery, fornication, adultery, drunken party hang-outs and whole much more. They tell you that church is the healing place? No Yahuah is the Healer.
  We are told to be in the world but not of the world and I promise I cannot see anything different.  Oh, I was slipping back to Christians. You have a pastor who would tell one party one thing to suffice them and the other party something different and the issue is resolved just like that. Yah forbid, you read something in the Scriptures that’s different from what the churches are teaching and doing today. Church is like an organization ran exactly like a secret society.  Members who are close to the pastor will protect him/her at all cost and damn near treat them like they are a god. The members are blind and some scared to speak up. This thing to protect “the church”, you really have to examine where did that come from? I have been studying on Saul, the Self appointed Apostle Paul and I get a glimpse. This is a lie of protecting the structure of something that makes Yahuah vomit and I refuse to go along with it any longer. Yahuah told us to come out from the whore {Revelation 18:1-4} and I did just that about a year and a half because if I saw one more Cesare Borgia image representing an image of “Jesus Christ”, I would vomit.
 But before that, I would take myself out of church between the Halloween seasons all the way to about February after the day I was born. Many pastors are aware of so many lies taught century to century but they have become self-absorbing in money and recognition.  They build great names that people worship and it’s like you better not say anything against them. If pastors know what I have studied and they continue teaching ear tickling false doctrines, it is definitely for the money and they are filled with too much fear to teach the truth. Yahuah said, Do Not have ANY graven images, but yet, mankind does anyway. Some people kiss the feet of statures and worship “saints” and no one wants to say anything because they don’t want to disrespect someone’s religion. What about disrespecting Yahuah. You Pastors continue to make your excuses to all that I say and will say because Yahuah is judge. For me I am no longer going to bite my lip on churches or “the church”. As I write, I will listen to the set-apart spirit as I tell my story of churches. They say church is the healing place, but I say church is the place that hurt me the most.

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