The Thriller Chapter 1

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This is a story of friends in a problem with ghost.

Submitted: March 11, 2014

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Submitted: March 11, 2014





It was a rainy night in city of U.S. There was a family, a husband named ROCK, and a wife named Jeni and a child named Smith on they were eating dinner. The electric power went off. Rock said to Smith “Go and get the torch light”. When he was going blood was bleeding in his hand, he touched the blood. Then he was dead. Jeni went to see him. A rope which is used to hang came front of her and gripped her neck and she dead. Rock was shouting at dinner table. He also went to see what happened to them. The electric power came back. Somebody came near him. Then power went off. Then power suddenly came back. That time he was dead.


There was a friends group. Their names were Aravind, Badri, Balaji, Ghokulesh, Gautham, Pragadesh, and Sollarasu. They were living in India. One day they were fighting. So, the house owner said Get out of this house. They got angry and Aravind said we will get duplicate passports and visa in 10 days we should wait for it.


They all got duplicate passports and visa. They landed in U.S. They were homeless. They searched for house. One boy was walking in road he was a Tamilian. Gautham asked Hey what is your name we need a house can you show it. He replied my name is Nandha, I will show you a house this night you stay in my house.


Nandha showed the house. The price was 1, 00,000INR. The friends gave money and brought the house.


They finished cleaning the house. They ordered T.V, XBOX 360, FRIDGE and other home appliances in net. Pragadesh said we can play XBOX. They started playing WWE 2K14 game. Everybody started playing. The friends except Badri were discussing about eliminating Badri. Then everybody eliminated Badri. Badri was sad and put the joystick down. Then XBOX turned off. Balaji restarted it. The XBOX turned on it was written in the T.V “PUGNAM”. The friend was afraid and they searched in the net. And the net connection was gone. The friends went to neighbor’s house and Sollarasu asked IPAD for 5 minutes. Sollarasu searched the meaning of pugnam. It came network is unavailable. Sollarasu got angry and broke the IPAD. The neighbor got angry and asked money. Badri took 10,000 US Dollars and threw in his face. Ghokulesh said if we search everything it came but if we search pugnam it came network is unavailable. Gautham searched in dictionary the word’s meaning was not there but it was written it is a Latin word. That night all slept a sound came like flipping of pages. Aravind wake up and saw behind the bed. There was the book. He opened it. There were many Latin words. The meaning of pugnam was


Aravind waked up all and said the meaning of pugnam is in this dictionary. All the friends were sitting except Badri. Everybody started searching Badri. They thought he is not here. Then at last Balaji founded Badri. He was at the corner of room and he was feared. Aravind said where you went Badri and the meaning of pugnam is here in this large dictionary. Then Aravind opened the dictionary that page was empty. The turned another page. That page was also empty. Sollarasu said we can discuss about this at next morning.


Everybody woke up. Pragadesh came to main room to see Television. There was a Jesus Christ photo broken. Pragadesh scolded Badri that you only cleaned the house how did it come here. Badri said I didn’t know Praga I did not seen it while cleaning it. Then Praga threw it outside. In that photo blood was coming. Everybody started digging it. But there was nothing. Then everybody started discussing. Ghokulesh said we can shift from this house. Then everybody accepted it. Badri was happy and said I know a house we can go there. Then Gautham searched in net. That house’s price was 10,000 INR monthly. Then they brought the house


Nandha came. He said before shifting the house think twice. Badri said we know everything first we should get out of this house. Nandha said I will also come with you. Then moon rises. Everybody slept.




Everybody wake up and get prepared. Badri was not there. Then he came from outside. Everybody Gautham Sollarasu asked where you went. He said I was just outside. Then they entered the house a sound came

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