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Now before anybody is getting any funny ideas about me, most of this is fiction. ;)
I just took the setting from my own life.
Enjoy! ^^

Submitted: November 09, 2011

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Submitted: November 09, 2011



"Hi, honey!"

"Hi mom."

Here comes the daily ritual again.

"How was your school today?"


Depressing as ever.

"Did you have any tests?"

"Yeah, I got a small maths test today."

And a big test for English I won't tell you about, because I didn't study so I screwed it up and you'll be dissapointed etc.

"What was it about?"

"The derivative."

Algebra, piece of cake. ;)

"Interesting! How did you do?"

"It went okay, I have a good feeling about it."

But I'll get a low grade anyway, that's how it always happens, and by the way, you don't even LIKE maths, mom!

"Did you get any grades back from previous tests?"

"Let me think.... Nope."

I got a 3 for physics, but I'm not going to tell you THAT.

"And how was your day, mom?"

I'm a nice guy, even to my mom. I ask, nod and hum at the right timing, but don't remember a thing of what she's saying.

Alone at last.

I shut the door, sat down at my desk and flipped open my laptop. Let's see if my friends are online.

Nope, they're still at school. Sucks. I don't have any Single Player games.

It was Friday. I was 3 periods earlier out of school than my friends, so they would be online in about 3 hours.

Another boring Friday afternoon. No homework, no friends, no nothing.

I looked out the window.

Nope, nothing's changed outside either. My life’s as boring as a piece of bread in a refrigerator.

And where the hell did that simile come from? Me and my weird mind...


Oh, right, one of my friends would post another chapter of his story on the internet. What the hell, let’s read it.

What was the site again? Booksie? Funny name. =P

Anyway, let’s see. Search bar... type in his full name... Ah, there it is.

Oh, he didn’t post it yet. *sigh*

Well, let’s have a look around on this site, then. Beats doing nothing at all, right?

With my head rested on my hand, wearing my fingerless gloves, headphones on with hard rock/metal playing, I browsed through Booksie.

One hand on the mouse, one holding a bottle of water.

And for 250 unbelievable minutes I read the most beautiful poetry I had ever seen! I wanted to cry, laugh and love at the same time!

I commented on every poem I read, telling them how sorry I felt for them, how I can relate, how funny they were. I couldn’t BELIEVE how much I liked reading poetry! I didn’t know what to think anymore, I wanted to...

“Dinner’s ready!” my mom called.

Damn it! Dinner time...


My parents can get really angry for being late for dinner, but who cares?

I read another 5 poems, then 3 minutes later my parents called again.

I slammed my laptop shut, took off my fingerless gloves and ran downstairs to sit down at the dinner table. My mind was still racing with poetry.

My dad smiled at me:

"Late for dinner again, son? Got caught up in your little game world again?"

"Late from work again, dad? Got caught up in your busy work again?"

We smiled at each other, just teasing. But I didn't like it.

Know this: I am a professional at hiding my emotions. My mind kept going on and on and on about all the beautiful poetry I had just read, but my parents didn’t notice a thing! I casually ate my potatoes and beans, answering their questions about my life superficially. They didn’t really care anyway: they just needed a subject to talk about over dinner.

Alone again. Face buried in hands.

Why do I like poetry so much?!

I wanted to cry, but I couldn’t.

Heavily sighing, I flipped my laptop open again and kept browsing poetry. There were multiple users that had like the most emotional poetry ever. I read all of their works. Posted a comment on all of their poems. I lost myself in all the poems: it just felt so wonderful.

Then there was this girl, username 'Angelfall616'. Awesome name, and she was ever so nice to me.

I had my first conversation with a girl, for real.

Now that's something I've never done before.

I could feel my heart beating, I was really nervous.

I told her everything about myself, where I live, what I like, how old I was.

And at some point she asked me:

‘Have you ever had a girlfriend? You seem so nice to me you must have had tons!’

‘No, I never actually had a girlfriend. I’m not good enough, apparently. -.-‘

‘But you love poetry, right?! Can you WRITE poetry too? You could easily win a girl’s heart with one of your poems!’

‘You think so? I’m not sure...’

‘You should try it! Write a poem and post it on Booksie, and I’ll be the first to comment on it! =D’

I didn’t reply. It was 11:00 PM. I needed to get some sleep. Got a book test for English for tomorrow I hadn't learned for, so best get some sleep.

But that night I couldn’t sleep. I kept thinking. Thinking about her.

How cute her messages were, how nice she was to me.

I admit it. I fell in love with her.

I fell in love with a girl, for the first time of my life. I only knew her for 2 hours, I didn’t meet her, but still I loved her.

And I would have to explain to all my family in friends that I finally found love,

Over the internet...

By reading poetry...

They wouldn't understand.

No way they would.

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