Domain Quiet

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Poetry  |  House: Booksie Classic

Okay you asked for it, Emma. ;)

--Chesure Fox

Ah yes, indeed,

So shall we begin?

Enter my Domain,

New of no such passions;

Warm sensations radiate within,

As your bare feet pad the soft flooring,

Your low-light vision equips your senses,

And I am well waited;

I am doing what I do best;

Enter my Domain, dear miss,

Watch as I dance,

Blindfolded, barefoot, I sense your presence,

Dual swords in my hands;

A sultry display of skill,

A mastery of martial art,

What appear to be flaunted motions,

Are deadly maneuvers to sever apart;

The Fox dances yet again;

Your rest is well waiting,

I bow at the pleasure of your company,

Your invitation is limitless,

Make yourself at home;

Tread where the tempered waters are set,

Enter and relax,

For your treats shall arrive shortly,

As I continue to perform;

Perhaps the Chesure Fox has more to offer;

Sweet Grape tea for the pleasure,

Gentle Mandarin for the health,

A touch of Chamomile for the relaxation,

And then there's the taste of Mint;

Ah and what is this...this sensation I sense?

That urge that starts upon your shoulders,

Running gently down your back,

Causing tingles that resonate down to your toes;

I know the feeling well, dear miss;

My dance with the blades continues,

My Instincts provide me with senses,

Smooth acrobatics and veneer tactics,

Hence the meaning behind my name;

Yet I am pleased to see you amused,

Honored to give you the display,

And should you tempt me again,

I shall give unto you more of my dark secrets;

For example, my ability to sense your points;

And if all else fails,

I just disappear and watch you closely,

Like the Chesure Fox,

Miss Emma.


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Submitted: July 18, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Ghost Fox the Harbinger. All rights reserved.

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