Midnight Crisis

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic

I couldn't sleep...

I can feel  you inside me,

Like a flame traveling through my existence,

A pleasurable discomfort,

An addictive torment;

It makes my heart race,

I sweat,

Electrical currents within me,

Receiving signals from the stimuli;

When you touch me,

When your toes touch my feet...

Radiant signals shoot through me,

I try to cover your feet with my own,

To protect them;

Aye, even your feet are precious to me;

Tell me the truth, love,

Why do you whimper in your sleep?

I break down in tears hoping I haven't hurt you,

I sweat terrified to lose you;

Then, like the sea,

You take over and pull me closer,

Until the aroma essence of you perfumes my body,

Your physical being eases my soul;

That's when you did it...isn't it?

Ah...I remember it so fondly,

You were dead-sleep and you caressed me,

Buried your face deep into my chest,

And laiid atop me carefully;

Oh love...oh my love...

You were dead-sleep, weren't you?

Don't remember a thing,

And you began slowly to mumble and move,

Kissing me...

Your eyes opened and rolled,

As your tired play began,

The room began to swelter,

As your nuclear heat resonated over me,

Your hair soaked as if you swam in the same sea,

That you had cast me into;

I don't know why you did it...it really hurt...

You pinned my left hand above my head...

No...please...just like...I liked it...

And my right hand out to the right,

I beg you...how did you know this?!

Your head slowly traveled past my left shoulder,

Your nose breathing fiery exhales againist my skin,

Your tongue...

I'm in tears...but I cannot move! I'm afraid!

I...I don't know why you did it...

It hurt me really bad and I couldn't forget it...

Why did you do this...

I...you...I...don't know...

Your steel grip kept me down,

I felt the sharp of deep incisions but no break,

I tried to speak but the pain...

I wanted you off of me!

It hurt bad!


I couldn't breathe!

I...couldn't move...

Suddenly...I felt it...

My mouth went wide,

Tears streaming,

Silent screaming soundless,

My eyes began to roll unwillingly,

And your soft moans echoed in my ears,

Yet you were asleep...

You marked me as your fox...

Tamed me, leashed me,

Within moments you did what no outsider could do,

What no one had ever done before,

And tamed the Chesure Fox;

She said she was the Queen of the Bed...

There I laid as you sucked,

Waiting for you to release me...

Release me...and leave your mark...

I'm tired, I'm defeated, I'm surprised,

It was off limits and you took it anyways,

I laid there as you did your thing,

Meanwhile inside me...images,

Flashes of childhood, yours,

Links to your inner workings,

Emotions, fears, memories, hidden desires,

Conflicts, wishes, goals, inner struggles,

I could feel them all inside you,

And they became immediately active...

I tried to breathe...and a slilent moan escaped...

Moments later you let me go,

Took your place back beside me,

Snuggled where you claimed with your scent,

My foxy little secret;

I was afraid, in love,

Upset and excited,

Her voice was in my head now,

Her heartbeat, I could feel it inside my own body,

At dawn I saw the evidence of her sleepwork,

It was sore, and I felt weak,

But she laid there smiling...

I showed her the mark,

She didn't remember it,

I could feel internal monitors telling me she wasn't lying,

I felt it...

I exhaled and laid back again...

You bit me...against my will...

Scariest part indeed,

I grasped her hand and submitted to her,

She was confused...

She bit me against my will...

And I begged her to do it again;


e love:

Submitted: July 19, 2015

© Copyright 2022 Ghost Fox the Harbinger. All rights reserved.

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H. Adams

Honestly, if she went back to her abusive bum, let her. She isn't worth your time. She probably just toyed with your feelings before leaving, and that seriously isn't worth missing. Heartbreak sucks, and you really captured it well. You may never manage to really move on from her, but pain can be healed with time, no matter emotional or physical. Enough of that, awesome poem lol (I got way too serious then, like woah) OH I almost forgot to say: almost everything that I'm able to write is written far past midnight... I have the worst time sleeping, too. I wish you luck with her and the sleeping!

Mon, July 20th, 2015 2:12am


Thank you Hanorbi--and your name is unique so I might have you appear in an episode of my Knightwatch novel series :P I've been through many heartbreaks before...I'm so used to it but it still hurts because I refuse to become a heartless jerk.

Sun, July 19th, 2015 7:15pm

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