The Fox's Journal: Second Entry

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A dream that I had.

Submitted: July 20, 2015

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Submitted: July 20, 2015



Another dream, another fight and all of them are synonymous.


I  was in charge of moving a small group of refugees from one outpost to te next in a small town that seemed to be the victim of a war, out in the middle of nowhere. Although nobody had told me directly, my in-dream conscience knew that we were being pursued by bounty hunters and assassins--machine and human. As usual they would be coming with guns.

As usual, I had my two swords.

It wasn't long before the vehicles the refugees managed to gather together were fueled and on the road--and that's when the trip took a turn for the worst. Out on a dirt road far from civilization, our small convoy was joined by fortified jeeps with human bounty hunters gunning out of the windows. Naturally, one of my in-dream skills is to deflect bullets with my swords, so I commenced to my arts while the refugees with guns mounted up their own defense as well. Before long, we had three vehicles in pursuit, and up ahead a small aerial vehicle resembling a drone with helicopter rotors on its back was hovering.

It fired, we had to abandon our own vehicles.

Our numbers dropped as we engaged head-on in the street, and I kept moving my swords as fast as I was allowed to, as allies and refugees were gunned down around me. Soon, our group was down to a mere handful of its original size; I stood to oppose the threat alone and told the others to run for it. One of them tossed a grenade up into the odd drone and sent it crashing to the ground; the men and machines in the vehicles dismounted and came forward. I'm not quite sure still whether or not this boldness of mine is just a character of the dream realm or if I am the same way in reality, since I am unable to have any adventures in reality, but as they surged like a sea of locusts, I stood still.

I never moved so fast...I left nobody standing, and when I awoke I was out of breath.

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