The Spider's Bride

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Suzi gets bitten by a spider and ends up a mother.

Submitted: April 28, 2017

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Submitted: April 28, 2017



“OW!  What the fuck?” Suzi exclaimed as a sharp, stabbing pain in her right foot made her stumble.  Regaining her balance, she glared at her foot.  Between the straps of her expensive new sandals she could see an angry red weal forming on her tanned skin.  Bending to take a closer look, Suzi noticed a flicker of movement.  Something small and dark jumped from her foot onto the dirt path and darted into the long damp grass by the side.  “Fuck,” she cursed, “I’ve been stung by an insect.”

Suzi straightened and tried to walk.  The pain had reached her ankle and was starting to advance up her leg.  She managed to hobble a couple of steps, breathless with the exertion, before she was forced to stop.  “Oh fuck!” she exclaimed loudly, tears welling in her eyes.  Her Sunday morning walk through Bowman's Wood to the local shops was becoming a nightmare.

Reaching into the pocket of her green waterproof jacket for her phone, Suzi felt her world spin.  A wave of nausea hit her, making her retch. Then violent spasms racked her body.  Convulsing, and with her eyes rolling, she tipped forward into the grass.  As she lay unconscious, a small dark shape scuttled towards her.

Time passed.  Suzi lay on her back, her mind drifting at the edge of consciousness.  She felt something tap her shoulder.  “Wake up, wake up, sleepyhead,” a harsh voice rasped in her ear.

“What?” Suzi spluttered.

“I said wake up,” the voice replied.  Suzi opened her eyes and uttered a piercing shriek.  A huge black spider was standing over her.  “No need to scream the house down,” the spider scolded, “I’m not going to hurt you.”  Suzi screeched in terror, and began to struggle wildly against the bonds that held her tight in a silvery sheathe.  “Stop that, you silly girl,” the spider hissed, “you’ll hurt yourself.”

Suzi blinked, not knowing if she was hallucinating.  “You aren’t real," she retorted, "I’m dreaming.”  In response the spider prodded Suzi sharply with one of its legs, making her flinch violently.  “That hurt!” she howled.

“It was meant to,” the spider replied.

Suzi calmed down a little and took stock of her surroundings.  She appeared to be in an unfathomable structure, lit by a ghostly green light and filled with the pungent aroma of moist earth.All around, magnificent green columns arched high above her to form a verdant canopy.  “Where am I?” she gasped.

“Nowhere special,” the spider replied, “in actual fact not far from where you fell.”

“Where I fell?  It certainly didn't look anything like this,” Suzi stated in a puzzled voice.  Nothing the spider said made any sense.

“Maybe what you should be asking is how tall you are,” the spider suggested.

“How tall I am?  What the fuck does that mean?” Suzi asked shrilly.

“I mean,” the spider informed her gravely, “that you are now a great deal smaller than you were.”

“What?  That’s stupid," Suzi spluttered. "FUCK OFF!”

“Can you explain why we're both the same size?” the spider asked condescendingly.

Suzi couldn't, but she didn’t want to admit the fact.  “Tell me how I shrank then,” she challenged the spider.

“Ah, it’s all rather technical I’m afraid,” the spider replied, “I wouldn’t want to bore you.  It‘s all to do with me biting you.”

“Bastard!  In other words, you don’t know,” Suzi snorted.

“There are a few details that I’m not sure about,” the spider admitted.

“Well, I don’t give a flying fuck what you did, just make me big again,” Suzi demanded.

“That's not something I can do, I’m afraid,” the spider confessed, shuffling awkwardly.

“Whaddaya mean?” Suzi screeched.

“I can’t make you big again.  Sorry,” it said apologetically.

“Don't fuck with me,” Suzi insisted, “make me big again.”  She started to struggle again, straining against her bonds with all her strength.  

“Stop, you’ll hurt yourself,” the spider pleaded, sounding quite concerned.

“Let me go then,” Suzi replied.

“In a little while,” the spider promised, “just be patient.”

“PATIENT!  What the fuck do you mean, be patient?  Undo me now!”  The words tore out of Suzi with the force of an explosion.  “LET ME GO!”  Her exertions were making her feel exhausted.  “Just let me go, please.”

“I will, I will,” the spider said soothingly, “after I’ve seen to something.”

"Seen to what?” Suzi asked with mounting suspicion.

“This will interest you,”

Suzi watched as the spider began to weave a small silvery pad of silk on the ground.  When it had finished, it stood over the pad and deposited some liquid on it from an opening beneath its abdomen.  That done, it moved to where it could dip one of the small limbs by its face into the liquid, and began to suck.  

Suzi grimaced.  “Shit, that’s fucking gross,”

“No need for profanity young lady,” the spider admonished gently.

“God, you sound like my mom.”

“Your mother sounds like a very sensible woman,” the spider replied smugly.

Without thinking, Suzi gave in to an irresistible urge to stick out her tongue.  “Tight arse,” she hissed.

“Now you're being childish,” the spider scolded.  Suzi watched with growing alarm as the spider approached her wide open legs.  Unnerved, she struggled to free them from the silk strands forcing them apart, but it was hopeless.  The silk was too strong.  

"What are you doing?" Suzi shouted at the spider.

“This is for you,” the spider informed her.  

“WHAT!” she screamed.  Her eyes opened in horror as it thrust the swollen end of its short front limb deep within her vagina.  An excruciating pain shot up her spine and exploded in her brain.  "NO!" she roared as the spider continued to push into her.  "Fucking stop, please," Suzi sobbed.  "It hurts!"

Ignoring her entreaties the spider withdrew its limb, then thrust it in again, this time less forcefully.  Suzi grunted from the discomfort.  Again and again the spider penetrated her, each time reaching her cervix.  And each time Suzi felt something being deposited within her.  Then, finally, it was over.  The spider withdrew for the last time and scuttled away.  Making a soft piping sound, it began to comb itself with its legs.

“Is that it?” Suzi asked sarcastically.

“Yes.” the spider told her.

“Well, you’re a crap lover,” Suzi informed it.

“Oh!” the spider said, “you are hurtful.”

Suzi snorted derisively.  It had proved to be a painful, but otherwise under whelming, experience.  She began to struggled against her bonds once more.  “You said you was going to let me go,“ she reminded the spider.  “I’m tired of being trussed up like this.”

“As you wish,” the spider replied, “just as long as you promise not to do anything silly.”

“Silly?” Suzi queried.  “Silly how?”

“Like trying to run away,” the spider replied.  “You would make a tasty meal.”

Suzi considered the implications of the spider’s words.  Perhaps it would be best to stay with the spider until she could come up with a plan.  “I won’t run away,” she promised, “as long as you protect me.”

“Of course, of course,” the spider piped, “I will look after you.  Are you hungry?”

Suzi considered the spider’s question.  Yes, she was feeling hungry, but what would the spider give her to eat?  A fly, a maggot?  "Yuck," she thought.  “No, I’m OK,” she lied.

The spider quickly removed the silk shroud that bound her.  “If you do not eat, you will grow weak,” it informed her sagely, “I will bring you a tasty meal.  Stay here and be patient.”

“No!” Suzi shouted, but it was too late.  The spider had darted into the thicket of grass.  She was alone.  Suddenly afraid, she strained to hear the slightest sound.  Was it imagination, or could she hear something moving?  Perhaps it was the spider making those quiet rustling noises?  Worried, Suzi looked to see if there was some place to hide, but there was nowhere.

“Have you missed me?” a voice asked suddenly from behind her.

“Fuck!” Suzi yelped.  She turned and faced the spider, which was carrying something huge.  “You fucking scared me shitless, you bastard!” she yelled.

The spider made some clicking noises.  “Sorry,” it said, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

Well, you did,” Suzi told it angrily, “and what the fuck have you got there?”

“Dinner,” the spider replied, “a nice juicy beetle.”

“Ugh!”  Suzi contorted her face in disgust and shook her head violently.  “I'm not eating that thing,” she said petulantly, stamping her foot hard on the ground.

The spider made a chortling sound and dropped its burden at Suzie’s feet.  She watched in disgust as it first coated the beetle in a thick fluid from its mouth, then commenced to rip it apart with its powerful mandibles.  Working quickly, it soon reduced its victim to a bloody mess.  Then, unexpectedly, it stopped its butchery and began to clean itself.  

Finishing its ablutions, the spider picked up a hunk of raw flesh and proffered it to Suzi .  She stared at it and blanched.  With a shudder she turned away and shook her head.  “You can’t expect me to eat THAT!” she cried, “it’s disgusting.”

“Listen to your stomach, not your head,” the spider replied calmly.

Suzi looked once more at the offering.  A grumbling from her stomach made her aware of how ravenous she was.  Compelled by an overwhelming urge to eat, she grabbed the meat and sunk her teeth into it.

“Good girl,” the spider purred, as Suzi began to chew furiously on the glutinous flesh.  It was unlike anything she had eaten before, but it seemed perfectly natural that she should be eating it.  Thick gooey juice oozed over her chin and down her neck.  She quickly finished the thick pulpy meat, and without thinking, accepted another portion.In all, it took five pieces before her hunger was satisfied.Then, sated, she rubbed her hands against her flanks to clean them and sat down.  Her chin flopped down on her chest and her eyes closed.  Within seconds she was asleep.

It was night when Suzi woke, dragged from sleep by the need to pee.  By her side the spider slumbered, its head haloed in shimmering moonlight.  She was lying on a bed of moss, beneath a covering of leaves.  Wriggling like a grub, she freed herself from her covering and stood up.  Every part of her body ached, her nipples were sore, and she felt bloated.  Stumbling, she moved into the darkest shadows and relieved herself.  She heard the hot stream of liquid spattering on the ground, and felt droplets wet her ankles.  Then, as a wave of fatigue threatened to overwhelmed her, she staggered back to her bed beneath the leaves.

Each day followed the same pattern.  Suzi would be woken by the spider, who would feed her before letting her sleep again.  After each gloopy meal her hunger was momentarily satisfied, but it would return, more ravenous than ever.  Deep, dreamless sleep, she found, was the only real escape from the gnawing ache in her belly.

It was during these feeding sessions that Suzi learned the spider's story.  The creature was only too happy to talk, and its favourite topic of conversation was itself.  It had begun life as a perverse experiment in one of the labs of GlenMarsh Biotech.  A mixture of human and arachnid DNA, it was a hybrid unknown in nature.  Its intelligence, and its ability to speak, had been deliberately engineered by its creators, and it was they who had taught it English.  But, unbeknown to them, they had created something whose uniqueness extended far beyond the ability to speak.  It was the power to shrink a living being with a single bite, as Suzi had found out, that set the spider truly apart.

The spider had been kept in a transparent container, from whence it would be taken to be experimented on.  It was this routine that had allowed it to escape.  One day, one of the technicians had picked it up clumsily and the spider had bit him in protest.  Almost immediately the man had shrunk until he was no larger than the spider.  Seizing its chance, the spider had killed the man and made good its escape.  Once in the wild the spider soon realised just how unnatural it was.  No other creature it encountered could reason as it did, or speak.  Yet, like all life, it had the urge to propagate itself.  And that urge, working through instinct, had made it bite Suzi and impregnate her.

Soon Suzi began to notice changes to her body.  Everywhere she was growing huge.  Her face ballooned, her breasts became pendulous, her belly expanded, her buttocks became gargantuan, and her thighs grew enormous.  Every part of her quivered at the slightest exertion.  Any movement, even a few steps, made her heart pound, caused her to pant breathlessly, and covered her body in a slick of sweat.  Yet Suzi didn’t care.  Nothing mattered to her any more.  For the first time in her life she felt truly content.

A week past.  It was now impossible for Suzi to move from her bed.  She lay on her back and let the spider feed her almost continually.  There was never ending movement in her grotesquely swollen abdomen, accompanied by a multitude of squeaks and clicks.  Dimly, Suzi realised that something momentous was about to happen.  Something that would change history.  She was about to give birth.

It happened suddenly.  Suzi felt a searing pain deep within her, followed by a great exiting through her birth canal.  Little spiderlets poured out of her, each intent on feeding.  Instinctively they clambered across her body to the two massive breasts that pressed down on her chest.  Smiling benignly, Suzi watched as they fought each other to suckle at her oozing nipples.  As each spiderlet drank its fill and slid to the ground, another took its place.

In all, there must have been nearly a hundred spiderlets, each a miniature copy of their father.  The spider worked tirelessly to feed Suzi so that she, in turn, could feed the spiderlets.  With each feeding they grew larger, until the day came when milk was no longer sufficient.  They needed to taste meat.

It was a relief for Suzi when the spiderlets no longer sucked at her cracked and bloody nipples.  She lay watching as they formed a circle around her.  Instinct told her that she had one task left to perform before her “babies” could venture out into the world.  She needed to give them their first taste of live prey.  "Come on, come to mother," she croaked hoarsely.  Smiling, she watched as they clambered onto her for the last time.  Suzi grunted as each spiderlet pierced her skin with its sharp fangs, and then relaxed as their paralysing venom washed away all her pain.  Quickly, enzymes began the deadly work of digesting her living tissue, turning her into a nourishing broth that her children could suck up hungrily.  She smiled as the spider came close and touched her gently with one of its front legs.  "Bye, bye," she murmured softly as she dropped into a deep, dreamless sleep.

"Bye, my love," the spider whispered as Suzi breathed her last breath.

© Copyright 2020 ghostgeek. All rights reserved.

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