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I actually dont really know why I wrote this... I just kinda started typing and this is what my fingers produced. I hope you like it and I hope the genre is correct. Lol. Thanks.(:

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



He. He was the one who treated me like a small child. Well that is all until you came...

It was that one faitful morning. I was sitting outside just hoping and waiting that something would change and he wouldnt treat me like a child again. I had done this everyday. But I noticed something. Something was different about how I was thinking about this. I was outside. 'Ah well,' I though 'No big deal. Whats the outside gonna do anyway?' And then it was there that I saw it. He was walking outside with you. He looked so happy. Like he could just go off and forget everything... Including how he treats me. And he could let me be a teenager for once. Or maby longer. Oh this was a very happy day in my mind! It was then that you and him proceded inside the house. I followed minutes later only to find you two laughing and I think 'Oh my. Not just another friendship again I hope...' But you turned to me and said, "Me and him are going out for dinner. You know how to make dinner your self right?" I nodded smiling 'Freedom,'
An hour later you and him took your fest to a nice resturant down the street which he and I used to eat at alot. I was glad for him. You and him were perfect for each other. I was glad for you, too. Most of the time while you were gone I ate and listened to music and played games. I was content. Not being hovered over. I hated that. How he would always hover over me. Like im some dinner. Or some other metaphor. Just before you and him came home, I changed into my pijamas with rainbows on them and calmly and peacefully went to bed. I was so happy when I slept. I hugged my panda tightly thinking, 'Shes the one. I know it.'
Days later I find my self in his room talking to him and he says, "Shes crazy! Why cant you see?! I dont want to be around her!" I argue, "You are perfect for each other!!!" The arguing continued like that for an hour or so. If it wasnt for you coming through the door, crying and bringing your problems in then none of this would have happened and me and him would be together not you and me. You call me into your room and say, "I need to talk to you. Why are acting so possessive?" Now you think im crazy. What is this? A crazy fest? Your the crazy one. The one he cant trust. He can trust me and you know it. But you hate admiting it. You never want to admit it. But thats alright. Its not a problem now.
Weeks later were all dressed in black and he is crying saying its all my fault. Its not my fault. It was yours. You thought I was crazy didnt you? The sweet blade though you were pretty. It wanted a peice of you. I merely wanted him back. And I wanted you gone. And as they lower your body 6 feet under the ground wrapped in that pretty gold I think, "She. She was one who though I was crazy. Well that is until the knife took a liking to you..."

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