Evil Mind

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A high school student soon realizes who he is.

Submitted: February 25, 2015

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Submitted: February 25, 2015



Murderous thoughts were swarming around Jakes head, he was envisioning murder, torture, and even let out a small giggle. He dwelled in his thoughts from the moment he awoke to the moment his eyes grew heavy and shut. Although, Jake has a typical life, he does not have the mind of a regular human being. Theirs rumors that years before his birth, a witch had predicted the mother would conceive a boy. At the moment of his presence he immediately instilled pain unto everyone standing in the room, with his mother an exception. A couple friends of the mother came to see the newborn child, when they stepped in the door one of her friends started to feel chest pains but didn't mention it, as she felt it was nothing. After chatting for a good amount of time, one of the friends collapsed to the floor breathlessly when she asked to hold little Jake. The two other girls kneeled down to help her regain conscience, meanwhile the new mother could only hold her child and hope the best for her friends health.

As the mother was closing her eyes to pray, she was abruptly stunned by the sound of meat being ripped aggressively and unnaturally. What she saw only made her cringe in fear and confusion as she held her baby tight to protect him. The girl that had the chest pain and collapsed, had bit the other girls throat and began ripping out their skin and meat relentlessly. The girls eyes were pitch black, as if she had no soul in her body, the floor was bloody and the two other girls lay dead in the puddle. The mother began to cry for help, but the girl that had done the evil deeds was not a threat anymore, she had jumped out of the hospital building through the window 100 feet high. After this incident, the mother didn't know what to make of it, she was just glad it was over.

Years had gone by and little Jake was in elementary school, overall he was a good kid but liked to be a sadist, although he liked being secretive about it. During recess time, Jake would lead other students to the biggest slides, and end up pushing them from the edge, breaking a couple of arms, bruising legs, and even two kids broke their necks. Teachers labeled these incidents accidents due to Jake's seemingly remorseful expression. Although, Jake would always laugh uncontrollably on the inside. As Jake grew older his ambition for inflicted pain on others grew as well, his attitude was crude, his attendance in school was awful, and his classmates at every school he attended usually banded together to seriously hurt him. The consequences of his actions often led Jake to be removed from many schools, and eventually states. Although one particular school changed his whole outlook on life; the name was Mephistopheles Illuminated Private Education.

The school generally did not intervene in any students education, in fact they encouraged students to learn what they felt was necessary for their future. Jake, like always would bother other students, physically and emotionally hurt his peers. When Jake was not busy having his way with normal humans, his nose was always in the books, learning calculus, origins of witchcraft, the wonders of space, and microscopy. Overall Jake was an intelligent young man, but his thoughts almost always overcame him and sometimes even controlled him and compelled him to commit deeds, which Jake never really minded, he actually dwelled in them and enjoyed the memories of past occasions. After a few more years of school, he had already surpassed the most intellectual students in the school and was always at the top of his class.

One odd morning, Jake awoke to a high pitched screeching sound, he walked to his window to see what it was. Unnaturally, he was not stunned by what he saw, Three witches standing looking into his window, and Jake just stared while they gazed back at him, for what seemed like an hour. One witch lifted her finger swaying it back and forth, signaling Jake to follow her outside. That's just what Jake did, although he quickly grabbed a ceremonial silver dagger he always kept by his bedside. Following the witches into a dark forrest, everything quickly grew dark, you couldn't even see your hand in front of your face. Jake was suddenly grabbed by someone behind him and felt them taking his dagger, he figured it was the witch so he remained calm and let her guide him. after a few more minutes he realized the three witches were part of an even bigger occult, several witches stood abroad as if they were waiting. when the witches stepped in, all eyes were stuck on Jake. the witches began chanting in tongues and set Jake in the middle of a huge pentagram laying down.

Jake had no idea what was going on, or why the witches invited him to a ritual, he was just so curious he did not want to deny the opportunity to a whole new world. As he lyed on the grass, he started to feel as if he was spinning and rising into the sky with the pentagram not far beneath him. The witches still chanting, had many sacrifices ready to offer to the god of the underworld, Lucifer. Jake was being filled with the evil spirit of Lucifer, he felt pain as needles striking him in the chest with hooks on the tips, nevertheless he was loving every minute of it. From what hes been studying in the school he's in, he made out a couple words the witches were chanting. "The devil rise" , "instill into boy", and "he shall destroy". Listening to these words, Jake could only feel a sensation of evil being absorbed by him, as he let out a powerful yell into the night sky and blacked out. The next morning he awoke in his bed as if nothing had happened, he was clearly conscience of what had happened the night before, but was clueless how he arrived in his bed, and thought the witches must have brought him back.

As Jake was getting ready for school, he noticed a black shadow lurking outside watching him. Jake went outside and asked into the air, "what do you want?", and the shadow replied "YOUR SOUL!", with a powerful echo that pushed Jake to the ground. Jake responded to the shadow in a vulgar sense and started to run away, the shadow began the chase blowing trees and their leaves away with the quickness of the entity. The shadow disappeared all of a sudden and Jake shrugged it off as he reached into his backpack and pulled out a fat joint, he was trembling at the thought of the evil forces wanting his soul. As he walked into his school a student who was tired of Jakes abusive behavior, and the staffs lack of discipline compelled the student to bring firearms to campus and massacre everybody on the premises. Jake had no idea the student had begun the massacre moments before he walked in. The kid had many guns, he was wielding two hand guns and chasing students shooting them point blank in the head.

Each single shot had a target, and each target came tumbling down with one bullet hole present. Body after body fell, and the student was just laughing in between shots being fired. The student did have a couple friends and when, his friends realized it was him committing the massacre they joined in as well. The student handed one of the a shotgun and plenty of ammo, the second one he gave him an AR-15 with four drum magazines, and his final friend had gotten an Uzi submachine gun with drum magazines also. The leader of the gang had his handguns with extended magazines, this student really didn't like Jake at all and was going to make sure everybody in the school payed along with him. The four students separated throughout the school and began slaughtering each student and teacher they saw. Police began to gather and surround the school and the students each got into a small fire fight  with the police until they all gathered and started looking for Jake.

Jake was tucked in some cabinets in the cafeterias kitchen, he thought no would look for him there, and he was right. As the students looked for Jake, the SWAT teams, followed by police officers, stormed the building. The students began shooting towards SWAT , injuring one while the rest took cover. It took the hole day for these students to be taken out, but they weren't killed, in fact, they killed 45 police officers, and 89 students. They had ran out of ammo and decided to sit in the library smoking weed until more of the town's cops came to arrest them. they had long gave up the search for Jake, they all laughed at the thought of how much horror they caused in one day. "Put your hands in the air, now!", yelled several voices from the exit of the library, they were booked in peacefully, but their actions on that day devastated the whole country.

The remaining survivors were evacuated, and Jake was in complete shock. First, the witches took him to a ritual, then a creepy shadow chases him along his street, and finally the countries worst school massacre had just occurred. All Jake wanted to do was go to sleep before something else happened. That same night, Jake skipped dinner and went straight to sleep. he began to dream, the ambience was misty and dark, a giant figure stood afar on top of a hill. "You have been chosen, you are the antichrist, Jake". Suddenly he awoke and realized he'd been asleep all night, and it was already morning. Since school was canceled due to evidence search being done by local forensics teams, he decided to go to the spot where the witches had taken him. There is where he saw a tall man sitting down where Jake was once lying down, the man had pitch black eyes, with no hair on his head or face. "Hello Jake", "how do you know my name?", "I've been watching you, son", "son? i have no parents", "is that so?", "i killed them in their sleep just before i came, i sacrificed them to see you", "that is why i called you son, your my son now Jake, lets go home, i have much to teach you."

Jake followed...



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