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This is why Jem didn't show up to meet Ella at the Gazebo.

Submitted: February 07, 2015

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Submitted: February 07, 2015



Daniel was sitting on the bed, hunched over his knees tying his rugby shoes.


“Can’t talk now.  I'm going to be late for practice.”  He stood and reached for his tog bag.

“She’s alive.”  Jem said.  Daniel sat back down.


“Jem felt his insides twist.  “No…she’s…no.”

Daniel’s jaw tightened angrily.  “Who then?”

“Ella.  She’s alive.  She’s here.”

“You understand how that’s impossible right, James?”

“She survived.”

Daniel closed his eyes and took a deep breath though his nose.

“Let’s not do this again.  You and I both know she didn’t.  I'm sorry.”

“She did.  I saw her and she recognised me.  It’s her.”

“I hate to do this to you bro, but unless you actually have proof this time, I'm going to have a hard time believing you.”

Jem ran a hand over his face then through his hair.  This was ridiculous.  His own brother was asking him to prove his sanity.

“Ashleigh’s display picture,” Jem said.  “Ella’s in it.” 

After a moment his face became very serious.

“We have to get out of here,” Daniel said.

“I don’t think she told anyone.”

Daniel laughed harshly.  “You don’t think?  Why don’t you think about this: everyone associated with Jonathan Michaels and Mason Bailey wants us dead.  She’s practically their family!”

“Trust me on this.  If she’s been alive this while time, how come no-one’s shown up at Uncles Ian’s house?  She didn’t tell anyone.  I don’t think she wants me dead.”

Daniel cursed under his breath.  “James, I told her.”

“Told her what?”

“Everything.  I didn’t know you actually liked her!  I told her that it was all planned, how you used her…or was supposed to anyway.  I think she’d want us both equally dead.”

Jem shifted agitatedly.  “So why aren’t we already?  She’s had enough time to do something yet she hasn’t.  That has to mean something.”

Daniel said nothing.

“I'm seeing her at six.  I’ll just ask.”

“You’re an idiot, you know that?”

“One more thing we have in common.”  He muttered.  Daniel sighed.

“Leave her alone.  She’s been through enough without you hovering around trying to rekindle something that shouldn’t have started up in the first place.”

“Are you saying I should just leave her to think I wanted her dead?”  Jem asked incredulously.


“She’ll hate me.”

“If she ever found out it was you and not me that killed Gabriel, she’ll hate you anyway.  But whatever, man, it’s your call at the end of the day.  Do what you have to do.”  Daniel got up and ambled to the door with his bag.

Jem kicked off his shoes and sat on his bed, leaning against the wall.  There were two choices.  He could do what was selfish or do what was right.  Neither option made him feel good but he knew what he needed to do.

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