Where im from.

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This was actually an assignment that I had to for my English III class so yea. Lol. I decided to put it on here because I liked it. By the way, if someone wants to write something similar, please contact me with your email address and ill email you the lay out my teacher gave me. Anyway, its a poem about my life. I hope you like it. My friend cried when she read it and so did my step mom.

Submitted: October 29, 2011

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Submitted: October 29, 2011



I am from suicases, from salvation army clothes and never kept toys.
I am from the back of my dads green blue breaking down van.
I am from fake plants, the cheap ones.
I am from packing boxes and insane relatives.
I am from my father Dennis who beat me and my now dead mother Bertha.
Im from never staying in one place and never keeping friends.
I am from my Grandfather telling my father "I hate you for not keeping my daughter alive.
And my father telling me in tears "Im sorry. We cant eat, we dont have the money."
I am from confused religion due to way to much church.
Im from Cherokee and German relatives.
Im from canned and rarely gotten food.
Im from that day I came back to school from Christmas break in 10th grade,
To find out that I was never living with my father again.
Im from seeing my father halucenate from Schitzophrenia.
I from many places but now im from the 100 year old 3 story house by the water,
Living in my current happy hell,
Worsening depression,
And loosing pictures of the blood relatives that care so little.
Im from skipping class and not having enough time to my self anymore.
Im from my ever changing life.

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