Letter To Frost Owl Manor

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A young boy searching for the legend within his grandfathers stories, a mystical old house that only appears in the winter holds the key to discovery.

Submitted: September 16, 2013

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Submitted: September 16, 2013



Dear Mr. Wayne,


You are here again! Me and my friends were watching out for you on top of the old bomb shelter, the one that’s on the very top of Melbury hill.

We figured it out that every year when it snows the heaviest your house appears just like magic in the next field. First the thin clouds of smoke come from your two chimneys which look like they are close to falling down and then your lights all come on at once, every window is coloured bright white; it looks like the picture from my advent calendar.

Last winter we came close to knocking on your front door but we think Sam ruined it all for us when he threw a stone at one of the chimneys to see if it would fall down. You must have been pretty angry at us or maybe we frightened you away because when I lifted the door knocker your house faded away, almost looked like your house turned into the snow and drifted away with the rest flying above us in the breeze. I just really wanted to say sorry and let you know that my friend doesn’t mean to do stupid things he just does things without thinking about it first, last week he broke my mum’s flower pots and just laughed about it.

I write to you hoping you will tell me where your house goes with the snow, it’s all I really think about and I like nothing more than watching your house from my bedroom which is the highest window of our house. I sometimes wonder if you can see me and if you are watching me too.

It looks really peaceful where you are, there are no cars rushing past your house with angry people behind the steering wheel beeping at other angry people and your house glows warmly like a cosy fireplace at night. This might sound strange but I miss the darkness, there’s day time and then the town never really sleeps here at night, there’s always streetlights and headlights keeping me awake but your lights only light up at the right time, I look at your house and feel more like I’m home than I do here.

You are always spoken about in stories that granddad tells me at Christmas and the same story is also told by all of my friend’s grandfathers when they come to visit. It seems when you get to a certain age it’s ok to start believing in the strange stories you once thought were true before becoming a grown-up I guess that’s why we get along so well.

Me and my group of friends were not the first to try and find you I just know it! There have been so many whispers and rumours around school about Frost Owl Manor but the problem is every story we hear is different about where you are or what you look like, I’m starting to think the only people who know anything at all is me, my friends and our grandfathers. Still... how can anyone know you’re even a real live person and not some ghost haunting an old house that was burnt down one winter? Well I will tell you how I know that you’re a real person.

Two years ago on a night just as cold as it is now I was up in my bedroom looking down at your house again thinking about how amazing it must be just to travel in a mystic house through the winter winds only to come back to a field when it’s blanketed in the cleanest snow; that’s when I saw a boy probably about my age taking baby steps towards your house. I could see his footprints trailed back across all the fields between us so he must have lived nearby, I don’t think anyone else could have spotted him but luckily I keep a pair of mini binoculars in a box next to my window, they are covered with charcoal drawings I make of your amazing manor. I could see him turning back every now and then almost as if he was scared someone would follow him to his secret discovery, when he did turn back I could just about see that in his hands he was holding a letter, that letter was for you but you have never read it. I know this because I was the first one to open it. The boy got as close as I did to your front door, he even managed to lift the flap on your letterbox but then it happened again... you were gone. Only this time was different, this time the boy disappeared with you and I could barely move I was so shocked at what I thought I saw, is he ok? Where did you take him? It’s lucky I saw the letter he was holding slowly float towards the ground after the snowy wind carried you both away.

I snuck out the house and rushed to his last footprints, I was so hurried that I didn’t even spare time to change from my PJs! The whole time while I was running I felt so scared for the boy but at the same time I was a bit jealous. He might have got to see what happens and where you go when you disappear. One of the other things granddad would say in his stories about your house is that whoever gets to go inside will get to see all the wondrous things on our planet from the highest waterfalls to the dancing fires of our Volcanoes.

I guess I’m too young to know all about the troubles that adults have to deal with everyday but my granddad keeps telling me that once somebody has seen the entire world and just how grand and endlessly breathtaking it all is, it makes you realise that all the little things in life that people get angry about are meaningless when there is so much to happy for. Now you know why I’m looking for you, because now I have a reason to believe in it.

By the time you read this letter, I will be standing in the snow waiting for you to come back, please come back I need to see what others have seen, I’m a good lad my mum says, I think I deserve it most and I’ll even help you repair the chimney if you want, I noticed your weather vane fell down and is hanging by a bit of wire, I bet I could find out where it came from and I won’t drop it I promise! I’ll take it back to its rightful place. Also I will replace the window I smashed, (that’s another promise) I wasn’t sure how else to get this letter to you other than wrapping it round a stone and delivering it before you could disappear on me. Well that’s all I can say for now, I’ll be waiting and even if you don’t come back I just want you to know I’m not scared of anything that I might face in life, because now I know you really do exist.


Yours Sincerely,

Your biggest fan








As the little boy looked up through the foggy skies of snow he saw the weather vane speeding towards the ground and spinning silently with majestic grace, it landed with a short thud, just enough to plant it’s self upright. The little boy watched closely as the decorative Owl on top kept on spinning until it stopped to point in the direction of the old forest over the hill. The same forest the little boy had never dared to go in before.

Even though he couldn’t understand the reasons why or how this was happening...the message was clear to him:

The adventures are there for us all, you just need to be brave enough to take the first steps.

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