The journal of jhon losex

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This ones for a certain someone that asked me to do this. ;D thanks for getting me inspired. I owe it to you.

Submitted: August 06, 2011

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Submitted: August 06, 2011



The end to the beginning

love is like all ends at some point.

"love takes us to many places, I just never thought i`d bring me here". I feel such a fool talking to myself especially knowing what was gonig to happen next week, by then I`ll be dead and this book next to you will be the last of me. If i wouldnt have fallen for her...I wouldnt be here on the tip of an iceberg ready to break, But her beauty, her kindness (even for a monster), everything of her captivated me. You will learn son, when you fall in love, that in love anything is possible even the worst things you could only dream of, thas why I, my son, should prepare you for what awaits. Evils are going to be realesed and your the only one who can stop them, all of this must be a tangeld web for you but I promise you that as you read on catch on to what you need to know, you`ll understand. Dont stop son, dont stop reading, this my be the most important thing in your life, where your going to have to battle evil and love.I need to tell you everything starting from the beginning,way before youwere born, i have to tellour my darkest secret. Remember this son, the darkest path may bring you to the lightest future, the lightest path may bring you to the darkest future,son, you may have to give up what you most love and im not telling you to, but chose wisley, i trust you son, you`ll do whats best for all of our kind. be careful, very careful.

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