The White-Nothing

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A short story about a father dissapointed in his son for not carrying out on what he always dreamed of doing as a kid. He controlled his son until the day, his son finally rebelled and followed his heart

Submitted: October 22, 2011

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Submitted: October 22, 2011



So I’ve crawled this world of White-Nothing hoping to find some source of being like me, another caterpillar that’s as white as the White-Nothing that surrounds me. There were no other white caterpillars in the White-Nothing. All had a color. All had a purpose. Some even found their purpose and grew their enchanting wings after days and maybe weeks of confinement within themselves…

Their color leaves with them as they fly away, far away from the White-Nothing….

“Augustus!” shouts my father before he takes his pipe from his blue lips. “It’s bad enough you never got your color, now for you to go dazing off instead of finding it, that’s another story.” He continued to scream at me. The smoke from his pipe even had color, but why hasn’t he entered his state of self-confinement, where he grew his wings and flew away, out of this White-Nothing, this empty, empty space. “I’m sorry father, but you don’t understand. There is another purpose out there for me somewhere. Somewhere far, I can’t just waste my time searching for a color.” I explained to him, but scoffed at me, nearly choking on his pipe. “Silliness Augustus.”

“No, not silly, astonishing, What if this white is my color?”

“White is not a color.”

“Even still, even without it being a color, I was still born with it for a reason, and for that it is mine.” My father stared me up and down, he even crawled around me with his many little feet moving slowly but surely. “Those were the wisest words you’ve ever said to me boy. How do expect to find your purpose without your wings though?”

“I’ll crawl if I must.”

“Foolhardy boy! Do you know of the dangers that lie outside of the White-Nothing!” I shrugged my shoulders and shook my head. “I do not, but neither do you. You have yet to grow your wings father, so I know that you know just as much as I.” My father ran his stubby little fingers through his beard. “Hmm, hmm, hmm, again such wise words, but I’m afraid I won’t let you leave.”

“Then father I will decide to rebel against you. You want me to find my purpose, and here I go. One foot after the other.”

So sighed and crawled leaving my father staring, completely lost. Had he been wondering where his power over me had gone? I wouldn’t know. I just know that I’m crawling though it now…. The White-Nothing….

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