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It is about this boy how almost has no friends, no one believes in him. But he still manages to accomplish what he wants.

Submitted: March 12, 2015

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Submitted: March 12, 2015




It was another monday Morning, I had just woken up. I knew today was the day I would compete to for a place in the MathCounts team. Only 5 of us could go to Washington, compete for the school. But I was really tired, I had slept at 12:00 because I have dyslexia and needed to read. My mother, Sofia, is always trying to help me, when I was reading she was there, next to me, helping me with the words I couldn’t read or couldn’t pronounce. Before, my dad was the one who would help me. But sadly he passed away in a tragic car crash.

I looked at myself in the mirror. I have always been quite tall for my age, 16. I’m not skinny but not fat either. I have brown eyes and brown hair. My nose is a bit long, but not a lot. My hair is a bit big but also not a lot.

So a thought caught me, how will I escape from the bullies today? Then I noticed something weird, the sun was already coming out. I shouted, “Mom! What time is it!?” No one responded. I founded my watch in between all my dirty clothes. I almost got a heart attack, it was 8:30 and school had already started. I put my clothes on. Rushed down to the kitchen, and ate my favorite meal, actually it only became my favorite meal because it’s the only thing my mom gives me. Then I founded a note from mom, I read, “James, today I’m going to the shop, sell some stuff, you know the usual. I’ll return at 5:00. Love you!” It took me the rest of the meal to read it. I normally wouldn’t take that long, but mom’s handwriting is really sloppy.

Just after I finished eating I ran to the garage and took my bike. I knew the bus wasn’t going to be waiting for me. I biked as fast as I could, I didn’t want to pass the rest of my life making up work so I needed to get there fast. I biked until I got to the school, then I jumped out while the bike was still moving and just threw it to the side. No time to put it away. I ran across the hallway and saw my room, then I thought at least I will not get beat up today. In my smile and happiness I noticed I had forgotten my backpack. I tried to stop running and go back home before anyone saw me, but I was running so fast I fell and hit my head with the doors window. There was no way I was making it out of this one.

Everyone was looking at me. Mr. Jackson looked kind of annoyed, but then he started to laugh and then went to help me. Mr. Jackson is my favorite teacher, he is also the only one that doesn't hate me. He is always trying to help me. I stood up and told him what happened. He told me that I wasn’t in trouble, THIS TIME. He gave me some paper and a pencil and continued the class. Some people just started laughing at me. I don’t really have a lot of friends. I saw a place right next to my two friends. I went there but before I could sit down some boys just pushed me. One of them said ”That place is reserved for… ah,” One of them went to his ear told him something and said, “my backpack, Yeah! My backpack, so get out!” I went to another place, right next to the weirdos. But then I thought, maybe a belong here with this people, the weirdos, look at me, I can’t even read correctly. Then I slapped myself and said, don’t think that about yourself in that way. Then I decided to start to pay attention to class.

When the class finished I walked up behind Mr. Jackson and his desk and said. “Thanks for not sending me to deten-ten-tion!” He jumped right off his chair fell into the ground and hitting his head. He putted his hands into his head, He look really of funny. He also looked scared, which made me want to laugh. How could he be scared of me.

“Don’t ever scare me like that kid, you could have killed me! And you also messed up my hair!” Mr Jackson yelled. Right after he stood up and started to fix his hair. Everyone always said that the only thing he loved more than his wife and two sons was his hair. Then he buttoned the upper bottom making him look like James Bond. Well he actually looks like James Bond all the time. So it actually didn’t really make any difference.

“I didn’t send you to detention because, I felt like it wasn’t really your fault that you got late today. Dyslexia can be worst than what everyone thinks.” He was looking at me really serious, like if I was supposed to say something. He was still fixing his hair. I was decided to fix my clothes. Some seconds passed so I decided to break the ice.

“Well yeah! Thanks anyways.” I smiled and laughed a little, “You know, I was going to blame it on Filipe.” He laughed a little too, after that I left the room. Me and Mr. Jackson had an inside joke, when something bad happened we would blame it on Filipe. I would tell you the story but it is way too long. I headed to my locker.

The only problem with my locker is that is so far away from everything, I normally get late to my classes. There is a common joke around school, saying that the locker is located at the end of the universe! Another problem is that our school only gives us 4 minutes to get to our locker and to the next class. But I have so much stuff I can’t carry everything, so I need to leave some in my locker, and so I always get late to my classes.

I got there with no worries I would get late to my next class. Because I have to take my mathcounts test to see if I can enter the official mathcounts team and go to Washington for a tournament. People would call me a nerd, but it’s okay with me. The only subject I do great is math, so why not take it a step farther.

I get to the assigned room for the meeting, the teacher talks a little about what we are going to do, and then wishes us good luck. I’m so tired I cannot even pay attention. If I do bad at this test I’ll be a 100% sure I suck at everything.

I start doing the test, the first part seems quite easy but after more to the end of the test it gets more and more difficult. I finish the test thinking I might have gotten a 70 or a 90, but it’s okay it at least took me the rest of the school time doing it! Well there are good and bad things about that, the good is obviously that I missed school, but the bad part is that I’m very hungry and need to make up the work that I missed.

Next day of school I went to the office to get my test scores. I knew that only the 5 best of the 10 would go to the tournament. When I got it I skipped the 24 pages and when to the last page where the test score was. 93%! I couldn't believe it, I got a 93% on the most difficult test I ever took in my entire life. I was so happy the whole day didn’t even matter anymore. The whole classes with the teachers telling me how bad I am on everything didn’t matter anymore, nothing mattered.

At the end of the school, something made me be not that happy after all, something that might have screwed up my whole day. My friends weren't as happy as I was. “James, I’m telling you, you are not that good at math, it’s not worth your time!” said Mike.

“Yeah, I just simply think you just shouldn't go and waste your mother's hard work money! Don’t worry you can go and join something else like soccer” Said Lily

“I suck at soccer and you know that! And what kind of friends are you, you are my only two friends, you should be happy no sad or in disappointment of my choice! You know what don’t talk to me anymore!” And like that they both just gave me a “what are you doing” face combined with some shakes saying no, as they left.

I decided to go to my house instead of staying and hanging out with my old friends. For my surprise mom is already in the house. She is never this early. But it’s good she’s here early, she can help me with homework and be proud of me, by getting that score. So we passed the rest of the night eating pizza and doing my homework. When we finish I tell her about my score. To my surprise again, she isn’t happy either. Which now actually it makes me really sad, how can my mother not be proud of me. I go to my room and stay there the rest of the night not even giving a sign of being still alive.

Since I knew my mother wasn’t going to invest on me I knew I needed to get money by working. For my lock we had 2 months left, ‘till the tournament.

For the next 2 months I worked hard at McDonalds in the weekends. I got 2,000 dollars, which was more than enough to go to the tournament and return.

So when the day came I didn’t talk to anyone for good luck because there wasn’t anyone.

The Tournament was the best experience I ever had in my entire life. It was completely different. Sometimes I could see some people had no idea what an answer was and sometimes it looked like if they knew it by memory. When the tournament finished I was so happy. Out of 300 students I got 7th place. I could have chosen to be in worlds, but I had no money, and knew my mother wouldn’t sponsor me. So I decided to go back home.

When I got home I couldn’t believe it, at my house there was this party to celebrate my 7th place in the tournament. All the kids of my grade in school were there. But I didn’t really matter. Because my two friends Mike and Lily were there, they came to celebrate my great performance.

“I can’t believe you actually got to 7th place! And I’m sorry, I should have been happy, I don’t know what happened to me.” Said Lily, as Mike noded in agreement, as if he was going to say the same thing. I hugged them.

Then I went to talk to my mother. I hugged her and kissed her in the cheek. Then she said, “I can’t believe I thought, you were going to be disappointed, maybe loss last place, I should have helped you, I should have helped you, I should have paid the trip!”

“Don’t worry mom, it’s okay, I even think it’s better that I actually worked to get it.”

The next day of school I decided that now that I was actually very good at math I would also try to play some soccer, get some friends and maybe change my status of super nerd to normal nerd.


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