the no tommorow

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

Table of Contents

The reflection of our own

Submitted: September 10, 2016

"The end is the beginning of another The end." Read Chapter

The old friends...

Submitted: September 10, 2016

"Our deepest fear is our self the truth of our existence." Read Chapter

The eternal ignorance...

Submitted: September 10, 2016

"The most ignorant person you will meet is one who believe they know it all."
Read Chapter

The meaning of death...

Submitted: September 10, 2016

"Life asked me why do people love you but hate you? death responded cause you are beautiful life but I am the painful truth..." Read Chapter

A false reflection...

Submitted: September 10, 2016

"Life is a reflection of what you see within yourself...and what you see in others for life is simply a word put meaning behind it..." Read Chapter

The sounds of silence...

Submitted: September 11, 2016

"Great souls suffer in silence..." Read Chapter

The true reflection.

Submitted: September 11, 2016

"The mirror shows the reflection of appearance but if it showed character most of us would be damned." Read Chapter

We all suffer till the end

Submitted: September 11, 2016

"Suffering is truly not pain but suffering is what we make it." Read Chapter

Far from damnation but yet so close?

Submitted: September 11, 2016

"The lack of a sense of history is the damnation of the world."-Robert Penn Warren. Read Chapter