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I made bullet points of lessons I learnt from my past events of my life, so I could read them again and again every time I failed to remember real reasons of my existence.

Submitted: February 05, 2011

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Submitted: February 05, 2011



20 years ago my math teacher screamed at me for scoring poor in class, I always consider her rude without realising that I got only better from the day I was told off.
19 years ago I met my best friend who still is my best friend even though miles away, I have no answers to why I always liked her.
18 years ago I hated that new tall girl in my class as she made me second to the tallest, but I forgot to appreciate the fact that I had more friends even then.
17 years ago I easily showed off to my friends about my dad's extra love for me as he always stood by me in every event of my school days, forgetting that my act could hurt and mislead my friends and they could then doubt on love their parents had to offer.

16 years back I made new friend and enjoyed spending more time with her, I forgot to involve or think about my best friend who must have felt left out.
15 years back I prayed all day so I could score good points in exams, time I spent praying I forgot I could have study.
14 years back I met my first love of my life, I am still glad that my love thought me to use my heartbeats before words. I don't remember if I gave anything in return.
13 years back I was happy that I successfully got into university to complete my graduation and I was glad I don't have to go to school everyday, I am still ashamed that I forgot to thank all those teachers in my school who made my journey possible.

12 years back I decided to fall out of my first love as I got feelings that our love will only get cold over the years, I was so inconsiderate as I decided without consulting and made stories for easy fall out.
11 years back I was so glad as my brother was growing tall and strong and so took him out with my friends more often, I was so stupid to avoid him before as I missed on all those good times I could have had with my only brother.
10years back I was getting more attracted to new technologies never realised that it was pulling me away from basic existence of human life.

9 years ago I was spending good time with my grandparents as they had plenty of stories and their experiences to share. I thought their experiences were stories without realising that those stories were their hardship and my existence was only possible because they faced those hardships.
8 years back I was happy as I got job in financial sector. Not until today I thought of thanking that math teacher who I considered rude in those days when I was only 8.
7 years back I got promoted where I was working, I never realised it was leading to start of my materialistic lifestyle.
6 years back I met my soul mate and promised to live with him forever in good and bad, it was very easy to promise but can get difficult. I never thought I actually stood strong in good and bad, this only makes me feel better.

5 years back I was very happy as I purchased house to make a home. I did not pray for those who had no homes or lost them in natural disasters.
4 years back I started getting more and more into things I wanted to buy, I did not think to find out if those things were reasons for my happiness .If I was happy without them.
3 years back I found that I was soon stepping into new responsibility for rest of my life as I was soon going to be mother. I can now relate to how my mum felt when I acted irresponsible every time.

2 years back I was thinking of buying bigger house and one more investment property, I never thought of reality that no matter how many properties I buy, I can only be happy to be and live around my husband and my son and sleep on one bed at a time and die and get buried in one coffin.
A year back I was thinking of people I am not in touch due to several reasons like anger, jealousy, selfishness, antagonism, carelessness but I only realised recently that it makes no difference if I was in talking terms with them. They are still where they are supposed to be and they will carry on with their lives with or without me. I am only carrying them in my thoughts.

20 years back I was only 8 years old and had very little understanding to what lessons I get to learn from my teachers who will be with me forever, events of my life in a big classroom of my thoughts.

I made bullet points of lessons I learnt from my past events of my life, so I could read them again and again every time I failed to remember real reasons of my existence.

* What I see it as rude is actually like alarm on my reminder. It is time to change myself.
* If I get along well with someone for years then it’s definitely worth to be treasured forever. Relationships work well because both know ins and outs of each other good or bad.
* It is good to come across people who are better than me, even though I get discouraged for a while but eventually I will get exposed to the reality. This world is full of good, better and best.
* I got to respect what others don't have. Showing off will one day put me down, as I will be graded as thoughtless person?
* It is good to meet new people, as it helps in growing inner self. But forgetting old people or friends is like getting uprooted from base.
* It is more important to get act together to perform than to sit back and assume my work will be done. To fulfil my dreams I need to act not sleep.
* Listen to my heartbeats, as it says many things without a word. I got to sometimes follow my instinct and trust my impressions.
* Never to forget that number 10 only comes after 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and 9. No matter how successful I become in life, it was possible due to presence of all those people and events in the past. I should never forget where I started.
* Never to make decision based on assumptions when dealing with any relationships. If I have any sort of feelings discuss, talk it out, clear it out and then decide, not doing so will be like falsely accusing someone truly innocent. Any behaviour that comes out of assumptions is foolishness. Its a reminder for me that I m not a learned person if I do so.
* If I don't respect members in my family, I would never respect anyone. I got to like and show appreciation to everyone in the society, younger or older.
* Keep track of basic things as getting overly involved with new technologies can leave my brain to rot. For instance, using phone books for contact numbers and calculator for maths should be least done. Drawing with pencil is still fun to draw than those digital sticks.
* Always thank ancestors for my existence. I use telecommunication or maps today because they put hard work to it. We got satellite navigation in car. But our ancestors introduced maps. Never to forget that we are standing on giant shoulders, our ancestors.
* I am just a human having fragile memory system. If I forget my basic I can always remind myself. I may sometimes get carried away and take credits for everything I achieved. Its good to remind myself that number 10 only comes after 9.
* If I am not ambitious then I don't know to live life. It is good to be ambitious only for better living but not to get carried away forgetting main purpose of my life. Working, spending time with my family, appreciating nature and returning favours back to the society.
* Every single person contributes something in our society good or bad, well is to share and bad to learn from.
* To perform I have to promise. If I don't promise I may start looking for different escape routes. 
* It is not house that matters but its home that does. I can make home out of smallest space if I know true meaning of having home.
* I am blessed with creativity so I can make things I need from natures resources. Peaceful mind, calm sunset, green grass, water puddle these all can be experienced or created for happiness. These are lot better than buying and piling them in house making place more and more confined.
* Though there is bit of generation gap between me and my parents and I don't relate to life like they do, they still can potentially be right from what they learnt in their life which I may only realise when I got to step in same shoes as theirs. 
* No matter how high I could fly, my flight always directs downwards when journey end. No matter how much I grow, I will always grow old.
* Its shame I only just realised that I am not in talking terms with someone because I am still carrying him or her in mind. Judging and executing people based on my thoughts of feeling angry, jealous or competent. It’s a shame.

Like people say, it’s better late than never. I m glad I at least realised what was I doing wrong, as I can now work on it only to make things better leading to peaceful mind.

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