Don't Fall In Love With Me

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Submitted: October 02, 2012

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Submitted: October 02, 2012




Please don’t fall in love with me I am stuck with this broken heart that is buried so deep it’s impossible to see.

You could be the next love, the one I have been thinking of, every morning when I wake up…again to realize I’m alone.

I am truly sorry darling you sure are appealing, but I’m far from healing. My heart’s got cracks big and deep and as much as I ache I’ll always believe that It was my mistake that drove my true love away.

You and me have started to talk, I like your voice and what it has to stay. However I’m afraid I should walk when my thoughts even spark with the adventure I see in you every day.

You even like Dylan and I can feel my heart reeling but I know I’ll be leaving…alone I am out of room in this heart that’s been left tattered and torn.

“I have got to get up early.” I tell my new admirer, I know I am a fool for not giving him my telephone number. When he ran out to give me his, there wasn't much left to say so I left him with a kiss. “Believe me I want this, but I am still healing from love giving me a beating and as amazing It was, us meeting tonight I’ll be sleeping alone I apologize but I won’t be calling your phone.” 

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