Love Deserves Another Chance

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The beginning of mending a broken heart...the idea anyway.

Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



I want to be the light to your darkness,

I want to brighten your days.

Take away the pain in your heart,

and help with what remains.

You see the negative and I do understand,

It's hard to walk through this world...head high, ready stand.

You've got it in you baby you just need to see

There is someone who believes in you everyday,

and that someone is me.

You caught me off guard that much is true.

My heart was in pieces, I didn't think it held room for you.

But here you are repairing the parts,

I know we both have scarred up hearts.

I just hope one day we can settle in,

To the life we deserve and find happiness within.

I'v got your back no matter what may come,

And I promise ill lead you toward to that promising sun.

So I hope that darkness won't be your answer,

A kiss from me can make that sunrise faster.

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