Ode To Clarity

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Dedicated to the best writer I know...hopefully Ill be anywhere close to where you are on this road of words.

Submitted: September 14, 2012

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Submitted: September 14, 2012




Some days you must feel forgotten, like I’ve chosen a new soul to put all my trust in.

Just like sun rising casting its glow upon the bay, your place lays exactly where it has been and will always stay.

Only you can understand this plan in which I have mapped out every move. There is no key, no certain places or destinations, not even a set longitude or latitude.

When it comes to us, there is nothing that needs to be said right away and absolutely nothing we have to prove.

You set my mind at rest, it brings peace and inspiration, and you help me to release the flow where I can finally increase the things that make me feel best.

I know I have not seen you nearly as much as I should but I know with you it’s already understood. Even when I am not in your view, I am still accompanied by all that you do; I hope you feel the same from me all the way through.

Since we formed this bond and re-connected, you have made my life feel unexpected. All that you have given me, inspiration, courage and stability have sincerely changed me incredibly.

The most important gift you have given me is the help to regain my clarity. The chance to view all that exists instead of a view driven by negativity. I have finally found my long lost personality.

For all these gifts there is no end, to the gratitude I feel to you my friend. I promise to return the joy you have brought back, to a life that was headed some place black.

Anything I can ever do, change your mood, maybe pick up Thai food. Even if it’s just a joke to bring you laughter that can stick with you the whole day after.

I thank the universe every day, that cosmic waves have brought you back my way and even if I haven’t seen you today, just know ,even when I feel there’s nothing left, a piece of you stays inside to protect me, help me through those obstacles.

When I feel weakness weighing me down and I feel like I’m going to fall, I hear your voice in my head, keeping me strong and to never stand any other way but tall.

There is no thank you good enough to repay; all you give me every single day. However I know that you understand my gratitude is grand and I’ll always be there holding out my hand.

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