Paper Beats Ego

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Let go of pride and ego...only then can you truly move forward
Change Your Life

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




This morning I was woken up, jumped on by my pup,

I sat up unusually abrupt Trying to figure out my  timing, reaching for my cup

When suddenly a flash went through me, it was an epiphany.

One I must have been guarding with unnecessary dignity.

It was at this time I wasn’t giving my mind the freedom to climb

Arrogance and pride are infectious, they kill our ideas big or small, they ruin

Our instinct to be reckless, explore that difference in your brain you know you feel

Let go of all that pride, a life awaits you, a life that’s real

I was there I felt those chains but I was unaware without that pride I felt no more pain

I thought I had things figured out, sorted out, thought out.

Change your life, change you spirit but you gotta live and breath it

Don’t use It once in a blue, that’s just selfish and this isn’t written about you

Quit taking life for granted, luckily my seeds have already been planted

Watered, fed, growing within my head

No roots to speak of, it’s coming with me whenever I choose to use it

The marvelous fix, the infinite quest to find a place free of stress

It’s a fix to dying hear on Long Island knowing the solution to save me from all it’s pollution

It’s been my reoccurring resolution, every single midnight before the year changes

Especially when my friends get locked in cages, and that could have been me

Instead I just wasted all my wages.

I just thought about It again, the plan It’s positive thinking that’ll get me off this island.

This island is already sinking, and iv wasted too much time drowning myself in drinking,

I just wanna take this feeling, hide it in my ceiling, Like a stash I can’t have fiends stealing

These thoughts are better than those narcotics, they just turned me psychotic

It’s my time to grow, my time to live and stop getting caught up in the negative

When the universe is at my feet, no more running and no ignoring that the chance to change isn’t obsolete

Its infinite its forever any day life could get better

And I wanna show everyone how easy It can be done

How was It is to let pride go and make the difference, even if its slow

Not me though

I wanna burn through it, like the super hero’s do it

Leave a trail the world can see and smile when I can say, “It’s just my reality”







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