Prescription Position

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Pills aren't the answer, even if they tell you so.

Submitted: August 31, 2012

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Submitted: August 31, 2012




Six a day, man it’s been a long day,

I advocated for things to be solved in a different way.

Not bottles of answers to harbor my mind,

The answers I was seeking were of a different kind.

I am not sure if I’ve made a mistake…

I don’t feel life with all these pills that I take.

One for this and one for that

They could make me skinny, They could make me fat.

They say the road is long to get it right,

But all I’m feeling is the urge to fight.

To lower aggression, at first I’ll feel worse

But when does it get better and will there be remorse?

Maybe the mistake I’ve made is grave,

However I’m told I’m brave... to try to get saved.

That is not how I’m feeling and I’m not agreeing

I’m already in it so I have to keep going,

Without any answers even showing.

My brain deserves some peace and quiet

From all these thoughts that feel like a constant riot.

A fight that I’m solving with a failing diet

A prescription and then another, and another

They hit so hard and rattle me like a clash of thunder!

And every day I miss the hunger,

Of normal problems that I understand

Not feeling empty and bland, Inspiration slipping through

My fingers like the soft beach sand….

Getting lost on a vast beach

Peace in my life was all I was trying to reach.

One side effect and then even more

There is more to life then this newly written score

It’s not the soundtrack I dreamed for

And I hope it doesn’t reach my core

My lust for life still exists,

I’ll never let that be stolen from some psychiatrist.

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