Rip Off The Band-Aid

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Life is hard even the small things can turn us inside out. We some times feel guilty about taking the time to relax and just deal in your own way when the people around you need you. You are no help to anyone on an empty tank. Take that time, it's worth it.

Submitted: August 25, 2012

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Submitted: August 25, 2012




So many things build up it gets hard to cope,

If I could I would help everyone regain their hope

And I know I usually mismanage

But my intention is never to vanish


When the stress becomes a mess,
 I can’t begin to decompress

And the rest just falls apart and I run further and further just to depart.


We forget to re-charge…especially with problems at large.

Taking on the world isn’t easy for even the strongest of wills

And I don’t want to solve and over booked calendar with hop-a-long pills.

So when life seems to have its grip,

I NEED to remember it’s alright to relax from it.


When life turns to strife

And feels more like a fight and I’ve lost all insight

I don’t need permission to get my mind right,

To sit back and regain my sight.


As much as I want to do, for every single one of you

I need to remind, that there’s weight on my mind, I’ll sit

And explain instead of hide.

No one said, “Life is easy!”  And for me, well I just get mentally queasy.

Keep in your mind and your heart that it’s ok to fall apart.

But when it comes time to use that mind and regain that shine…

Just rip off that Band-Aid, breath and feel that strength and you’ll be fine.

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