Stroll Through The Park

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Submitted: August 21, 2012

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Submitted: August 21, 2012



I was sitting one day, in a crowded park with kids at play,

Observing in my sight, the things you would witness day or night.

As my thoughts got deeper and my vision got sleeker

I noticed the other things people chose not to see

I could feel the rage inside of me.

In the corner of the park, I witnessed a crook,

A dealer selling a user a product he could cook,

Then as he turned to walk away,

He walked right through those kids at play.

Not one mother turned to look how close their babies stood,

From a gun holding dealer right in their neighborhood.

I don't know what arose inside me

But I became the voice of reality

I said to the moms, "Don't you even notice?"

I guess those eyes are out of focus

Your kids are in a place where drugs are sold?

With your brain switched to vain why shouldn't he act bold.

When are we going to open their eyes, this is no new surprise

every street has a secret Who are you to sit there and keep it

Let the ones in the dark just suffer

When we could give them a real supper

and not let them focus on their dissapearing mother

but nahhh lets just keep it quiet

then we can all just stay happy by keeping out of it.

.....your slowly killing a big part of our public

shhh Don't speak a word of it!

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