This Pen As My Winess

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Relationships are never easy, the day I wrote this was one of the days I felt stronger then the pain I have been regularly feeling since my ex and I split.

Submitted: August 10, 2012

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Submitted: August 10, 2012




Dear Ex-Lover,

Dear Old Flame,

It’s time to change this game

And forget your name, yes we are over and It sure is a shame

But to replace you

 I’ve got this pen and it does more for me

Then anything or anyone could ever do

It’s given me back my power s that were stolen

 Each time I let my eyes get swollen

I need to write these words to keep you away

They are my ships that keep you at bay

They are like a weapon that will chase you away

And when you try to return, my head won’t even turn

Ill spill some more ink until I make your image burn

Ill protect my heart with a word or two, so powerful that you’ll never break through

Don’t MAKE me warn you again

You’ve got NO idea what’s left in this pen

As it moves the force inside of me grown with every groove

The point imprints this paper like a brilliant chess move

You may still have a part of me,

But still have this pen to set it free

Which believe me I intend to do, Ill keep writing and steal myself back from you !

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