To Awake Again

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When the cloud of sadness drifts can return to normal.

Submitted: November 25, 2012

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Submitted: November 25, 2012




I feel like I’ve been resurrected, put back on that road to being effective.

It astonishes me how a funk can be so mis-directive.

And you lose sight of all the things you had been trying to get perfected.

And the sadness, the doom and gloom, well it can get so repetitive.

Every day that I wasted, each one is regretted.


Everyone else suggests solutions that turn to pollutions when the resolutions you’re trying to get to are all refuted because your mind is stuck on permanent stupid.

The things that are rotating around your brain are all just answers that leave you with that remaining pain.

Shutting out the positive seems relative when all your energy just can’t seem to live and you feel like the day is impossible to get through and there is no relating to anyone around you.

Trying to regain the days you spent just hiding away will only delay the progressive sway and drag you back to the negative way.

It’s not worth stepping back to the days that lacked to the gusto inside you to try to achieve the great and avoid everything your passion could have attacked. The new day dawning is the second chance to keep that pact with yourself that giving up is just like an artifact

When your eyes are high don’t lose that view up at the sky. When things seem to turn down don’t turn and hide away, then you lose all the help offered to uplifting views? The help the offers the reliable help to get you on the path back to normal.

Off days are part of the journey and if they didn’t exist we may as well be phony. Humans can be penetrated by a mood that turns beauty to hate but it’s what you do when the clouds move on through and your back to your shining glory. Don’t lose the dismal pieces to your story or a day as great as today could just seem ok without anything bad to reflect its way

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