Where Is That Damn Street Sign?

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Which road to take?

Submitted: August 23, 2012

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Submitted: August 23, 2012



The day never ends...

without traveling down the road that bends.

As the day goes on I contemplate...

that same old song.

Which will it be surrender or fight?

One suggestion is a major interjection,

and then the road bends...

Every fight left in me meets their timely ends.

To give in is to give up,

All the more reason to finally grow up,

Finally uproot from from this repitition,

Find myself, create a new beginning.

All this back stepping... it just isn't helping.

And this position acts as an opposition.

The moves I wanna make, and the achievments im ready to take.

Even as I write this I still contemplate,

Will I make the choice or run and hide?

It's way passed the point of pride.

It's the fear inside of me

When I depart where will I be?

Im hopeful I'll land firmly on my feet...

And I'll show my past it's final defeat.

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